Amy Robach Claims She Never Received an Engagement Ring From Ex-Husband Andrew Shue

Robach and Shue were married for 13 years before ending their marriage officially in 2023.

No ring, no problem for Amy Robach!

On Wednesday's episode of the Amy & T.J. podcast, which she hosts with her boyfriend, T.J. Holmes, Robach revealed that her ex-husband, Andrew Shue didn't give her an engagement ring. 

The hot topic during the episode was finances in relationships and how they cause problems. The former GMA3 anchor admitted that with her first marriage, her ex, Tim McIntosh, invested in a ring, but in the second with Shue, that wasn't the case. 

"My first one was $3,000, and I didn't even really have one the second time," she shared. "My second one didn't exist." 

Amy Robach says Andrew Shue didn't give her an engagement ring. - Mike Coppola/Getty Images

For Robach, not having the second ring wasn't an issue as she knows that not all marriages (including hers to the former Melrose Place star) work out. 

"I also think this is a cautionary tale because we do know that close to 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce,” Robach said. "If you think you've got some valuable property in a ring, no matter how much you spent, wait 'til you have to try to sell that said ring. It is pennies to what you actually purchased."

Continued Robach, "I don't really place a lot of value on that anymore, on the traditions of it or having a ring. It's not even in my head. I couldn't even tell you what I would want. I wouldn't want anybody to break the bank or spend money they don't have" 

Robach and Shue were married for 13 years before they finalized their divorce in March 2023, months after her relationship with Holmes was publicized in November 2022. In January, Robach spoke about her divorce on her podcast and revealed that she lost more than just her marriage to Shue.

"I've learned that you don't really know someone until you divorce them," Robach said, seemingly referencing her split from Shue.

Amy Robach and Andrew Shue tied the knot in 2010 and divorced in 2023. - Instagram/Amy Robach

Robach added that she also lost most of her possessions, but still found her happiness despite the end of the relationship.

"You can lose your job, you can lose your reputation, you can lose friends, and you can lose most of your worldly possessions and still be happy."

After Holmes questioned if she actually lost most of her possessions, Robach doubled down. 

"I did. There's a lot of selling going on, a lot of giving away," Robach said.

In December, ET confirmed that Shue was dating Holmes' ex-wife, Marilee Fiebig. The following month, Shue and Fiebig were spotted jetting out of NYC together. A source told ET that the pair have been keeping things low-key amid their exes' public relationship.

"Andrew and Marilee are taking things slow in their new romance, and trying to lay low in the midst of their very public breakups," the source said. "The two find solace in one another, and have enjoyed getting to know each other away from the noise."