Amy Robach Reveals Her Blood Work Results After Delaying Tests Following Breast Cancer Battle

Robach and T.J. Holmes had a candid conversation about her avoiding the blood work test since February of 2023.

Amy Robach has reason to raise a glass and celebrate -- she got her long-overdue blood work done and doctors gave her the all-clear and remains cancer-free.

Robach and partner/co-host T.J. Holmes shared the momentous update on the latest episode of their Amy & T.J. podcast, in which the couple opened up about the experience of walking into the doctor's office together, something she had been avoiding since February 2023.

"It actually was remarkably quick and easy," she said. "It's so funny what you worry about and what you think about and then when it actually happens and do it, it's so much easier than you were anticipating. It's the anticipation that's the toughest part."

Robach shared "it was awesome" to have Holmes by her side, especially because "I always have a little bit of a tough time going back into that building where I first got diagnosed."

The former Good Morning America host was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer after undergoing a routine mammogram live on the air in 2013. Prior to her recent blood work, Robach shared earlier this month that she had last gotten it done in August of 2022. Holmes was shocked by that factoid. And after imploring her on their podcast to make an appointment and get the blood work done, Robach finally did. She scheduled the appointment and the results are in.

"Got the results back just a little while ago and I am all clear. All clear!" she said. "And I think when I sent you the text I sent a little champagne glasses clinking, like cheers, because thank you for pushing me a little bit to get into that office and to be able to say, 'OK, I got the blood work and now I have an all-clear for a while."

In fact, Robach said doctors told her she's now "graduated" to needing blood work once a year. 

"[But] the threat is always there and I will always drag my feet a little bit because it's always scary. 'What's this test gonna show? What's this blood work going to do?'" she said on the podcast. "But when you do do it, and you are lucky enough to get a good result, wow, is that a huge, huge relief."

Robach shared that Holmes had a lot of questions for her doctor, given he's less than two years into a relationship with someone who had breast cancer. She felt that his curiosity was "such a loving thing to do." But Holmes said the whole conversation with the doctor "f**ked" him up because the ordeal's just so complex.

"Bottom line, when you go to get blood work done, you're waiting to see if you're all good or if it's back," Holmes said.

He added, "We are not going to waste a day."

Robach also revealed that Holmes learned that the breast cancer she battled with is one that always has the potential to return, which underscores the importance of getting the blood work done. And while she's since gotten the all-clear from doctors, Robach understands that she'll never be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

"I want to point out too, it is a death sentence 100 percent but there are new advances being made every year and there is an incredibly advanced quality of life, but it is a completely different way of life," she explained. "And you've seen it through our dear, beautiful friend Morgan, where you now have a life of treatment always. Every two weeks, every three weeks you are getting chemo infusions, or you're getting immunotherapy and your body is weakened and you have a different standard of life. So, it is a complete about-face from the way a lot of us, most of us, live. So there is an intention behind every moment that you don't necessarily have until you walk this path, and I hope no one has to."