T.J. Holmes Opens Up About Relationship with Amy Robach and When He Knew He Loved Her

Robach and Holmes each finalized their divorces in 2023.

In the latest installment of their podcast, Amy & T.J., former Good Morning America co-anchors Amy Robach, 50, and T.J. Holmes, 46, offered deeper insights into their relationship journey, including when Holmes realized his love for Robach.

The duo reminisced about the beginnings of their romantic journey, highlighting a pivotal moment when they decided to explore their feelings openly. 

Robach shared, "It started when we were on text with each other, and you suggested... ask me anything, and I’ll be honest, and nothing is off the table." Despite her background in interviewing, Robach confessed feeling intimidated but appreciated Holmes' honesty, which deepened their bond.

Holmes echoed Robach's sentiment, admitting he initially underestimated her willingness to ask probing questions. "I didn’t realize it at the time because I thought you’d take advantage... It was a relief to be asked anything by you," he remarked, emphasizing the trust and transparency that characterized their relationship.


Reflecting on the evolution of their feelings, Robach inquired about when Holmes realized she loved him. Holmes joked, "from birth," before acknowledging the complexity of pinpointing the moment. However, he suggested that the realization dawned on him around the spring of 2022, marking a significant turning point in their connection.

"Loved you for a long time. Loved you. Been in love with you in this way when I knew that, and I’m thinking about it in my mind, like when did I know I’m in trouble, like uh-oh, this needs to be addressed, I can’t pinpoint. Post pandemic, 2020? When was that, damn girl?" said T.J.

Amy adds, "We started working together in 2020, like closely, we always worked together, but we actually shared an anchor desk Fall of 2020."

T.J. continues, "It was early 2022, we didn’t start talking about it until much later, but when I thought there was an issue, for me, was 2022, going into Spring, certainly Summer, but Spring of 2022 is when I’d say."


As the conversation delved into the lessons learned from the past year, Holmes shared a poignant takeaway: "This too shall pass." Drawing from personal and collective experiences, he emphasized the resilience found in acknowledging that challenges are temporary and that healing is possible with time.

Robach and Holmes' secret romance became public in November 2022, amid their splits from their respective spouses. At the end of 2023, the couple began to put their relationship on display on red carpets and decided they would share things from their perspective on their podcast. 

In the aftermath of high-profile divorces from Robach and Holmes, respectively, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig found solace in each other's company.

The couple, who have been discreetly dating for about eight months, were recently spotted together at JFK airport in NYC on Jan. 27.

Sara Jaye/Getty Images for ABA

A source tells ET, "Andrew and Marilee are taking things slow in their new romance, and trying to lay low in the midst of their very public breakups. The two find solace in one another, and have enjoyed getting to know each other away from the noise."

On their podcast, Amy & T.J., Robach and Holmes previously emphasized that their relationship did not involve infidelity, clarifying that they were already in the process of getting divorced before their romance became public. They share the challenges they faced in managing the situation and express regret over the impact it had on their careers and children.

Despite the initial lack of interest in each other, Shue and Fiebig's shared experiences and ideals have brought them together. 

"Initially they had no interest in each other but bonded over the trauma from their respective breakups," a source said. 

Another source told ET, "Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig’s relationship has surprised some close to those involved. But the relationship is not surprising because of the two’s close bond as of recent, both leaning on each other in times of need, as well as their shared ideals. The two continue to stay under the radar and enjoy each other’s company."

Robach and Shue finalized their divorce in March 2023, while Holmes settled his divorce from Fiebig in October 2023. 


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