Amy Schumer Talks Engagement and Pregnancy Woes in Trailer for New Netflix Special

Amy Schumer
Courtesy of Netflix/YouTube

The fiery stand-up star is back with more brutally honest (and totally hilarious) observations!

Amy Schumer’s back and she’s just as blunt as ever!

On Tuesday, Netflix dropped the first trailer for her upcoming Netflix special in which she pokes fun at engagements, weddings and, of course, becoming a mother.

I’m f**king pregnant!” she proclaims at the outset of the clip as the crowd cheers. Later she adds, “Here’s the thing, you’re pregnant but, like, you don’t change who you are. I hate women who start to act really precious. You don’t stop being you, you know. You don’t stop working or drinking.”

The 37-year-old comedian also touches on getting hitched to chef Chris Fischer while also taking potshots at most women’s reactions when their significant other pops the question.

“I'm married! Yay!” she says. “In movies and TV shows, the guy always gets down on one knee, right? And the girl’s always shocked.” That’s when she gasps, doing her best average bride-to-be expression: “I didn’t even know you liked me! I’m still on Bumble!”

Schumer also hilariously bemoans all the years she’s had to be a bridesmaid, hoping that those days are behind her.

“Everybody got married. I was the last one,” she says. “I think I don’t have to be a bridesmaid anymore. When you get in your late thirties there’s just no dignity to it. It’s me in a Coachella flower halo, hoping I’m not the bridesmaid with the biggest arm [turns to create the classic side pose of bridesmaids everywhere].”

Amy Schumer: Growing will be available to stream on March 19 on Netflix.

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