Watch Pregnant Amy Schumer Make a Gender Announcement

Amy Schumer
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Amy Schumer has an announcement to make about the gender of her soon-to-be first child!

But don’t go buying pink or blue blankets just yet -- the announcement is that she simply doesn’t care whether the little one is a boy or a girl.

“I know it probably seems like I’ve been pregnant for 1,000 years to you guys, but I’ve been working really hard,” she said in a video posted on her Twitter account on Tuesday. “It’s not all just relaxing and eating donuts.”

Taking a bite out of a delicious looking chocolate-glazed donut, Schumer than continued with her news.

“What I wanted to announce was the baby’s gender, which we’re so excited to say that we don’t care what the baby’s gender is,” she said. “However the baby identifies is fine. Whatever the baby’s sexuality is. Any way [which] the baby identifies is cool with us as long as it doesn’t identify as a DJ 'cause that’s heartbreaking.”

Schumer’s next announcement was work-focused, sharing that a television special she taped in Chicago will debut on Netflix on March 19.

“I’m really proud of it,” she said. “It’s called Growing and I think it’s the best special I’ve ever done. I hope you guys like it.”

Schumer has documented her pregnancy journey in humorous social media posts, including one where she channeled Baywatch, running along the beach in slow motion.

“I puke anything I eat up until 4pm. But then I’m like... #baywatch #eyecandy #DandG,” she captioned the January post.

See more on Schumer’s road to motherhood below.


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