'And Just Like That': William Abadie Makes His Debut, 'Sex and the City' Fans Recall His Original Role

The actor had a previous cameo on 'Sex and the City.'

In addition to Carrie Bradshaw and the gang, HBO Max's series, And Just Like That, has brought back a few Sex and the City guest stars for new roles in the reboot. 

On Thursday's episode, viewers saw Carrie's (Sarah Jessica Parker) new realtor pal, Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury), meet a local Brooklyn club owner named Zed, played by actor William Abadie. 

Seema and Zed have a clear flirtation that leads to him letting the two women into his club at the end of the episode. With Zed set to appear in next week's finale, it's safe to assume he might play into Seema's romantic storyline, as the realtor has long discussed her single status as she continues to search for Mr. Right. 

But eagle-eyed Sex and the City fans might also recognize Abadie from another, more minor role in the original series. In season 6, Carrie brings her then-boyfriend, Jack Berger (Ron Livingston), on a shopping trip to Prada where they encounter a salesman named Tony, played by Abadie, who knows Carrie by name. 

William Abadie on 'SATC' - HBO

Fans quickly noted Abadie's two roles within the SATC world, calling out the show for recasting the actor after the first character proved too memorable. 

Abadie also has a role on another series created by Darren Star -- Emily in Paris. He plays Maison Lavaux owner Antoine Lambert on the Netflix series. 

It's also not Abadie's first time working with Choudhury. The two stars also served as ill-fated faux love interests on Homeland when Abadie played Alan Bernard, who was pretending to be dating Choudhury's Mira Berenson, but who was really spying on her estranged husband. 

This isn't the first guest star to return in a new role for the reboot. Seema's father is played by Ajay Mehta, who also appeared on season 2 of the original show. Mehta starred as a busboy who offered to go home with Kim Cattrall's Samantha Jones after she was stood up on date. While Samantha passed on the offer, the two did share a kiss.