Anderson Cooper Mocks His Youngest Son Sebastian to His Older Son Wyatt to Improve Sibling Bonds

The newsman welcomed baby Sebastian eight weeks ago.

Anderson Cooper wants to build a bond between his sons, Wyatt, who is almost 2, and Sebastian, 8 weeks. However, the 54-year-old journalist doesn't think that forcing the two boys together is the way to go. 

"I was really worried about this. When I was growing up, when I came, my brother was like two years and four months older and every childhood photo I have is I'm very happy as a little baby and my brother's chewing the inside of his lip," Cooper quipped about his late brother, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. "With Wyatt, I've gone a different tact. I'm doing a slow roll with Sebastian. I didn't want Wyatt's life to suddenly cataclysmically change... Wyatt's not on top of him every day. We go out a lot and stuff." 

In addition to not forcing Wyatt's brother on him, Cooper also has an interesting new way to bond with Wyatt over the baby. 

"I've started doing this thing with Wyatt where we both sort of make fun of Sebastian," Cooper noted. "I mean, not in a bad way. I started doing this thing like when Sebastian's crying, Wyatt will look at me and I'll look at him and I'll go, 'Wah! I'm a baby. I'm crying, I'm crying.' He likes it. And now he does it too."

He assured host Colbert that he wouldn't keep it up during a time when Sebastian could understand what was going on. 

"Of course I'm going to stop it!" he insisted, laughing. 

Cooper also talked about the fun friendship between his pal, Andy Cohen's, son Ben and Wyatt. Cohen posted a pic of the two little boys in the Watch What Happens Live studio earlier this month. 

"What I love about this photo is it is so exactly like mini-me versions of Andy and I. Ben is just smiling like he's the host just like Andy -- always happy and stirring s**t," Cooper said. "And whenever I'm a guest on Andy's show, I'm staring at him with some confusion like why did I agree to be here? What am I doing here?"

For more from the Cooper family, watch the clip below.