Andie MacDowell on Rocking Her Gray Hair and Why Dating Isn't Her Priority (Exclusive)

MacDowell also recently became a first-time grandmother.

Andie MacDowell says there are so many elements that make a person beautiful -- how one thinks and how one feels. Her daughter, Rainey Qualley, adds that there's so much more to beauty than one's appearance, and she's proud to say her mother fully embodies what it means to be beautiful. 

ET was exclusively backstage at the 8th annual Hollywood Beauty Awards, where our Deidre Behar caught up with the recipient of the Timeless Beauty Award. The Groundhog Day star shared a few of the secrets that have led her to master the art of timeless beauty.

"I think it's keeping everything in perspective, realizing what a privilege it is to do what I do and just trying to take really good care of myself," she said.

Staying active is part of her wellness routine, like developing a love for hiking and doing yoga. There's also nurturing her body with eating healthy and getting a great night's sleep. But don't get it twisted, MacDowell's not one to stop herself from a little indulgence.

"Chocolate," she says with excitement.

There's no doubt about it, MacDowell's living her best life. From being a first-time grandmother (courtesy of her 37-year-old son, Justin) to turning heads the summer of 2021 at the Cannes Film Festival, where her signature curls got plenty of attention thanks to a salt-and-pepper look. She previously told ET that she stopped coloring her hair during the pandemic. Fast forward to now, and the 64-year-old actress says she's fully embraced the look.

"Oh, really comfortable," she said. "It's something that I've wanted to do for a while. And I'm really comfortable with where I am right now in my life. I just want to embrace the time where I am and be as real and honest as I can, not only with everybody else but also with myself."

And, how's this for honesty -- MacDowell revealed what's holding her back when it comes to dating.

"Having to go on dates," she said with a laugh. "It takes energy. I'm so busy. Really feel like the most important aspect of my life right now is deep, meaningful friendships. And my job."

MacDowell, who also shares daughter Rainey, 32, and Margaret, 28, with ex-husband Paul Qualley, says that, with age, she's gained perspective on what really matters, and that's the relationships that nurture her.

"One thing I forgot to talk about in that [acceptance] speech is the intense amount of love that you feel," she says, "because so many other things fall away that don't matter to you as much. And so you have a bigger opportunity to have a larger heart and compassionate love and empathy for all kinds of different people. So, it's not like I'm searching for a relationship. Like, I could have a great friendship with you and be very fulfilled with the compassion and love that I could feel for you, or other people. It's just a shift that happens with age, which feels really good."

MacDowell will celebrate her 65th birthday next month, and she's excited about the chance to spend time with her expanded family. She does, however, have one complaint when it comes to being a new grandmother.

"I just don't see her enough," she says of her new granddaughter. "That's the only thing that's kind of painful, because they live in Montana. But they're going to come and see me soon."

Rainey, holding a cute pup dressed in a tiny tuxedo, joined her mom backstage and spoke glowingly about her mother and the award she received.

"She's just an incredible mom and regardless of the way she looks, having her support and her love means the world to me," Rainey said. "It feels so amazing to be surrounded by people appreciating everything she's achieved. I think that beauty is so much more than just the way that you look and just a surface idea, and I think she embodies what it means to be beautiful."



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