Andrew Cuomo Jokes It's His 'Duty' as an Older Brother to 'Assert Dominance' Over Chris Cuomo

The governor opened up about his brotherly bond to Seth Meyers on Wednesday's 'Late Night.'

While you might think Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his brother, Chris Cuomo, are exaggerating their sibling bickering for the cameras, Andrew explained to Seth Meyers on Wednesday just how real their brotherly rivalry truly is.

Andrew and his brother Chris have become bonafide superstars in the days since the coronavirus outbreak -- due to Andrew's efforts to fight the pandemic in his state, and Chris' personal and painful battle with the virus.

One of the favorite aspects of their brotherly bond -- at least among their outspoken fans, many of whom have taken on the moniker "cuomosexuals" -- is their combative banter during the governor's frequent appearances on Chris' CNN news program, Cuomo Prime Time.

While sitting down with Seth on Wednesday's new Late Night, the host asked the governor if what viewers see on TV is "a true reflection" of their relationship, or if they are "playing it up a little bit, in regard to the busting of the chops."

"No, we're playing it down! It's tempered," Andrew said with a laugh. "That's the nice version. It's the 'I'm biting my tongue' version. Because he takes advantage of me in that situation, you know?"

As the governor explained, his brother "has a certain amount of license" as the host of his own show.

"He can say what he wants to say. I have to be gubernatorial and respectful," Andrew said. "So he uses it."

However, for Andrew, as the older brother, he feels it's his "familial and biological duty to assert dominance over the younger brother."

"To keep them humble, keep them in their place, to assert intellectual dominance, physical dominance, athletic dominance," Andrew continued. "All of which happens to be true between me and my brother."

"It's not just an age thing. I am superior in so many ways and he has to remain humble," he added, with a grin. "I'm dedicated to that proposition, out of love for him, you see."

While the duo might often butt heads, there's clearly a lot of love between the brothers. On Wednesday's Cuomo Prime Time, Andrew and Chris even shared a sweet moment where they expressed their love for one another at the end of another combative interview, giving fans a look at how close their bond truly is.

See the video below for more on the brothers' bond and their newfound popularity among Americans amid the pandemic.