Andrew Cuomo Says Quarantining With His 3 Daughters Has Been a Great 'Silver Lining'

The governor opened up to Jimmy Fallon about his life in quarantine during Wednesday's 'Tonight Show.'

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo carved out some time on Wednesday to talk with Jimmy Fallon, and he opened up a bit about his life in self-quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo, 62, joined Fallon for a new Tonight Show: Home Edition, via video chat, and he explained that, in the face of the chaos and uncertainty, the one positive thing to come out of having to self-isolate has been getting to do so with his kids.

"I have my three girls with me Cara, Mariah and Michaela. They were forced to come home," Cuomo explained of his daughters, whom he shares with ex-wife Kerry Kennedy. "You know, they're in their early 20s, so hanging out with dad is not super cool right now. But that was the silver lining to the quarantine, they had to come home."

"So they're with me, and that's great," he added. "Otherwise, they're in their early 20s, the last thing they want to do is hang out with dad, and they're out there living their lives."

"In a crazy way, this gave me time with them that I would have never had so that's been great," Cuomo said.

While addressing the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, and making strongly worded pleas for people to continue wearing masks and to keep practicing social distancing, Cuomo also laughed off a question from Fallon regarding his growing popularity.

Cuomo joked that he enjoys "using" his fame and elevated spotlight "selectively with certain friends and family," but generally downplayed his reported popularity.

"Those people who are saying good things, it's only because they don't know me, Jimmy," Cuomo said with a laugh. "When they get to know me, they have a much different opinion."

However, there's no denying that both Cuomo and his younger brother, CNN newsman Chris Cuomo, have been garnering a lot of attention amid the coronavirus outbreak. There's even a fan base who have taken on the moniker "Cuomosexuals."

Among their outspoken supporters are numerous celebrities and public figures, including Jada Pinkett Smith. The Red Table Talk star admitted during a recent episode of her Facebook Watch series that the governor is her "celebrity crush."

"I don’t miss a press conference when Cuomo is on," she revealed. "I’m like, ‘Got to go see my celebrity crush right now, sorry.'"

Check out the video below for more on the growing popularity of the Cuomo brothers during the coronavirus crisis.



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