Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Governor Andrew Cuomo Is Her Celebrity Crush: 'I Don’t Miss a Press Conference'

Jada Pinkett Smith and Andrew Cuomo
Jason Koerner, Noam Galai/Getty Images

The actress opened up about her 'crush' on the most recent episode of 'Red Table Talk.'

Even when you're a famous actress like Jada Pinkett Smith, and you're married to one of the biggest movie stars in the world, you still get to have a celebrity crush.

Pinkett Smith reunited with her former Girls Trip co-stars Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish and Regina Hall for the latest episode of her Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk, and the actresses dished about their own celeb crushes.

While some of the ladies offered up some traditional options -- such as The Witcher's Henry Cavill or New York Yankee Giancarlo Stanton -- Pinkett Smith threw everyone a curveball when she revealed he's got a thing for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

"My celebrity crush right now is Governor Cuomo," the actress said with a laugh.

"I don’t miss a press conference when Cuomo is on," she added. "I’m like, ‘Got to go see my celebrity crush right now, sorry.'"

Cuomo has been leading a lot of press conferences as well as his state reels from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has hit New York the hardest since the outbreak began.

The Governor's measured and responsive handling of the outbreak has earned him widespread praise among democrats and fellow politicians. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Chris Cuomo, has also gotten a lot of love and support after being diagnosed with COVID-19 two weeks ago.

The pair both become much more prominent public figures throughout the national crisis and a source told ET close to the CNN newsman told ET last week, "The brothers are aware of the ‘Cuomo Crush’ and #CuomoBrothers. They think it’s cute and playful."

Despite the internet and public's newfound obsession with the two pair, the source said they're not letting their popularity distract them from the work at hand. 

"Both brothers know the responsibility they have during this global crisis and they take their jobs seriously," the source notes. "Chris has lighthearted moments during interviews with his brother, but isn’t afraid to ask him tough questions and hold him accountable. They both respect what the other does, and both are extremely proud of one another despite the ribbing."

See the video below for more on the Cuomo brothers.

The latest episode of Red Table Talk premiered Wednesday at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch.