Andy Cohen Sets Record Straight on a Possible Anderson Cooper Reality Show (Exclusive)

The 'Watch What Happens Live' host joins ET to dish on possible future projects.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are amazing friends and on-air gold, so it's no surprise that fans have been clamoring to see  more from them. While speaking to ET's Nischelle Turner this month, Cohen addressed rumors of a possible reality show featuring himself and the CNN newsman, along with his own experiences of shaping the face of modern reality TV.

Rumors have been swirling for awhile now that Cohen and Cooper have been approached to star in a reality docuseries that would follow their lives as new dads. But, sadly for fans of the pair, Cohen told ET that those rumors are "not for real."

"Listen, we're on the road, we're on New Year’s Eve, I feel like that's enough," Cohen said with a laugh. "I mean, us getting drunk for five hours on live television together, we're gonna reveal a lot of stuff there."

Cohen and Cooper are both proud fathers of young sons. Cohen recently celebrated Ben's 2nd birthday back in February, while Cooper is getting ready to celebrate Wyatt's 1st birthday next month.

While Cohen doesn't think the world necessarily needs a show about the two of them, the Real Housewives mastermind has some interesting ideas about what celebrity duos would be dream casting for future reality shows.

"I mean, you want Beyoncé and JAY-Z, you know?" Cohen explained. "You know who I think would be great, actually? Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle [Union]. I think they would be so great. And not only because I just find them both to be incredibly inspiring as parents, but also they're such a sexy couple."

"Either them or Chrissy [Teigen] and John [Legend]," he added. "I would say they're kind of the gold standard for who you would want."

Cohen is currently gearing up for the launch of a new show that he's hosting. Titled For Real: The Story of Reality TV, the show will look back at the birth and evolution of reality series. It will also feature interviews with the casts and creators of some of the genre's defining shows.

"I love reality TV, obviously. I am and I have been a fan since the first episode of The Real World," Cohen shared. "So for me to be able sit down with all of these people and really get the dirt, that is what I love to do, get the dirt."

"When you see The Bachelor episode and you hear ... what went on behind the scenes and how involved the producers are, it is really surprising to see how the sausage is made, so to speak," Cohen added.

ET also asked Cohen if he's heard anything about the Sex and the City revival from his friend, Sarah Jessica Parker. "Teeny little bits, teeny little bits," he teased. 

Cohen also recalled being an extra on the series but added that he has no plans to make a cameo in HBO Max's And Just Like That. "I was a shirtless man in gay bar next to Carrie Bradshaw in season 4," he noted before adding that it "would not go well" if he spilled any details about the upcoming series. 

While fans probably won't see him on the SATC revival, you can catch Cohen on For Real: The Story of Reality TV when it premieres March 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!