Angela & Vanessa Simmons Say Season 6 of 'GUHH' Will Give People Answers About Daniel Jacobs (Exclusive)

Angela and Vanessa Simmons share what fans can expect on the sixth season of 'Growing Up Hip Hop.'

Season 6 of Growing Up Hip Hop is in full swing and Angela and Vanessa Summons are sharing what fans can expect from the new episodes. ET's Melicia Johnson chatted with the two reality stars and entrepreneurs, who also dished on whether fans will get answers about Angela's romance with boxer Daniel Jacobs.

"I have a lot of things going on this season. A lot of things that I'm working on," Vanessa, 37, teases of what she goes through in season 6. "But being that we're in the middle of a pandemic, my sister's moving fast, I felt, in a relationship, I am playing the older sister this season. I am doing my due diligence to find out everything I can about Angela's new boo because I was the only one in the family who did not have an opportunity to meet him."

"In her defense and in their defense, we are in the middle of a pandemic," she adds. "And I am all the way on the west coast and my family is on the east coast. So it gets difficult sometimes."

Angela and Daniel first went public with their relationship in August. In January, fans noticed that she had deleted photos of the two together on her Instagram. Ever since, people have been wondering if the two are still together and if they will get to see the relationship unfold on screen.

"They'll see some of it roll out on the season. Relationships are... They can be difficult, I think in general, right?" Angela, 33, confesses. "We're in the public eye, so you're going to see some stuff. As much as I give, I still like to keep some to myself too. But I definitely open up on the season about it. Having him on there was definitely different for me. I don't normally date too publicly."

"People don't always know who I date, other than people they probably been talking about since I was 17," Angela continues. "But other than that, I don't really talk or speak about it too much, but you'll see some stuff on the season. You'll see where we're at relationship-wise, status-wise because I talk about it on the season."

While Vanessa makes it seem as if she thought her sister was moving too fast, Angela doesn't believe that's true.

"No, I don't think so," Angela says, explaining that Vanessa was just out of the loop "because she lives in California…I tell my friends, 'If you miss a month or two or a couple weeks of my life, you've probably missed a lot.'"

"That means that she's moving fast," Vanessa quickly chimes in, with Angela replying, "No, not true. If you talk to somebody every day for a certain amount of time, you spend a lot of time with somebody, that's a lot of time."

At the end of the day, Vanessa just wants the best for her sister, telling ET that the best advice she can give her is, "Just pace yourself [with] relationships."

"That's it. That's my only piece of advice. No judgment on my sister. I just want her to be happy," she states.

Meanwhile, the ladies have a lot on their plates aside from their reality show. Angela's Simmons Beauty celebrated its one year anniversary, to which she happily says, "I'm super excited. [I've] got more creative ideas!"

"I feel like with business you have to stay inspired, keep yourself inspired, because even if your business isn't where you want it to be, it's going to get there," Angela notes. "But it's not going to get there without your passion, your love, and your attention."

She's also focusing on her show Just Angela, and loves the feedback and support she's gotten from the fans. The show is a more personal look at her life, and a chance to talk to her followers without the craziness of the reality show drama.

"The feedback's been pretty good. I do realize with so many different episodes, so many people can relate. Whether that's fitness, whether it's when I spoke about domestic violence. There's so many different areas in my life that I haven't discussed," she stresses. "And being able to open up on that platform has been really great. My whole thing is I just want to be able to help other people. So being able to have those conversations and be there for one another, I just feel is most important. And Just Angela is literally what it is. It's just me, the stuff that I have going on, and just being honest and open about it."

As for Vanessa, she has her Facebook Watch show Asking For a Friend, and loves to discuss many wide-ranging topics that affect Black women, like maternal healthcare and preparing them on what to expect before giving birth.

"Asking for a Friend is a very, very special show for me. The most important conversation and one that really resonated with me a lot that I had this past season was about maternal healthcare and what's happening in the health industry with Black women and giving birth," she relays. "We had a very good conversation with Brandi Sellers-Jackson, who is a doula and she gave us information that we need, that Black women need to know before having a baby. What our options are, what's happening out there, what the realities are, and how we can protect ourselves."

"So that conversation really resonated with me," she added. "It just sat with me. It was sad. It was hard to talk about, but I felt like it was one topic that needed to get out and be spread so that we can all uplift each other."

Meanwhile, the sisters can't believe they've made it to six seasons of Growing Up Hip Hop, with Angela expressing, "We're pretty far in. I feel like the seasons have captured so much from first child to now. I feel like so much has happened. That's the crazy part. But yeah, it's pretty amazing."

Growing Up Hip Hop airs Sunday on WE tv.



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