Angelina Jolie Drops Her Son Maddox Off at College: 'I'm Trying Not to Cry'

The 18-year-old is set to study biochemistry at the South Korean university.

Angelina Jolie is a proud mom!

Earlier this week, the 44-year-old actress was spotted dropping her eldest child, 18-year-old Maddox, off at college. Maddox -- who Jolie shares with her ex, Brad Pitt -- is set to attend Yonsei University in South Korea.

In a clip from the campus, which was posted by Instagram user @xx_efu, Jolie happily chats with a group of people as Maddox stands patiently by her side. 

One fan asks when Jolie plans to leave South Korea, and the actress shares that she's leaving that same day and is "trying not to cry."

Another person present asks Jolie if she and Maddox have been able to tour around the country, and the Maleficent actress answers in the affirmative. "A little bit," she says. "We've been in Seoul. We were here a while ago when we first went to Yonsei."

"It seems like a great school," Jolie adds, before agreeing to take a photo with the gathered group.

 The Instagram user also shared pics of the mother-son pair, where both Jolie and Maddox are all smiles while standing together.

A source previously confirmed to ET that Maddox was set to attend the South Korean university, where he plans to study biochemistry. The source added that Maddox was accepted into other universities, but chose Yonsei and has been studying the Korean language to prepare.

A second source told ET that Maddox's recent 18th birthday was "a huge milestone" for Jolie.

"She loves him and is so proud of how wise he is beyond his years. She has encouraged him to travel nonstop, to learn many languages, and now has plans for him to go to university overseas," the source said. "Maddox is very attached to his mom. She's always stood by him."

Watch the video below for more on Maddox.