Anitta Freaks Out Over Run-In With Her 'No. 1 Queen' Mariah Carey

The 26-year-old Brazilian singer has idolized Carey since she was a kid.

Anitta just came face-to-face with her "No. 1 queen," Mariah Carey. 

The Brazilian singer shared the pair's chance encounter on Instagram on Sunday, after years of idolizing her. 

"MY NUMBER 1 QUEEN. DIVA," Anitta wrote alongside the video of herself in tears over meeting Carey at an Aspen, Colorado, clothing store.

Anitta continued, writing in Portuguese about how she had been imagining the moment she'd meet Carey since she was a kid, and didn't have the money growing up to see her perform. "What a crazy feeling. What a Christmas gift. I do not need anything else. All I wanted for Christmas was a moment like that. I LOVE YOU," she wrote. 

"A chance meeting in Aspen! Love you @anitta ❤️," Carey captioned her own post. 

Anitta gushed about the impact Carey has had on her career while speaking with ET earlier this year. She credited the legendary singer as one of the inspirations for her album, KISSES. 

"I grew up listening to Mariah Carey. She's my No. 1. She taught me how to sing, she was the first person I ever listened to in my life,” Anitta confessed. “My aunts are crazy about Mariah, so she was the first singer I listened to when I was, I don't know, one or two years old maybe. I was always crazy about music."

"[I think of] Mariah Carey when I sing romantic [songs], she gets me inspired," she continued. "And when I want to be strong, I think of Beyonce, for sure. When I want to be sexy with a [masculine] attitude, I think about Rihanna. When I want to have this teenage but funny way to be, I think about Ariana Grande. And, when I want to [channel] my sarcastic [side], I think about Cardi B, I love her so much. Each woman has something to show us, to teach us, so that's what I do."

See more on Anitta in the video below.