Anne Heche's 2001 Memoir ‘Call Me Crazy’ Books Selling for Around $750 Each After Her Death

The book is being listed by several private sellers at a shockingly steep price following her untimely death.

Following Anne Heche's untimely death, renewed interest in her 2001 memoir, Call Me Crazy, has driven up the book's price among collectors and fans.

The book -- published by Scribner on Sept. 4, 2001 -- is being sold as a "collectible" on Amazon, with the surprisingly steep price tag of between $739 and as high as $949, depending on the seller. When first released, the tome was priced at $26.

The book in question is described by the seller as being "inscribed" by Heche, which is likely a contributing factor in the price. However, the book is also being listed for hundreds by several private sellers on other sites as well.

The  memoir details Heche's struggles with mental health while living in the public eye, as well as her trauma resulting from childhood abuse and her high-profile past relationship with Ellen DeGeneres.

In a posthumously released video interview with the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Heche talked extensively about writing a follow-up to her 2001 memoir, Call Me Crazy, with a new book, Call Me Sane, which would chronicle her journey of moving beyond trauma and abuse while helping others to do the same. 

"You go, 'OK, how can I get into a system of reclaiming my identity, helping others to find theirs, and giving us some steps and some processes and practices that could help us reidentify with ourselves more quickly, with a little less pain, and with support around you that can answer some questions?'" she said. "That's who I am."

Calling it "the flip side" of Call Me Crazy, she explained, "It's the practice of how to get over abuse and how to start the process of living in love with yourself that engaged with others, and living in love with kindness so you can bring yourself to others in a full capacity." 

On Aug. 5, Heche was rushed to the hospital with severe burns after she crashed her blue Mini Cooper into a home, shortly before 11 a.m. P.T.  

Heche was declared dead on Friday at the age of 53. On Sunday, a rep confirmed to ET that the actress was "peacefully" taken off life support, as her organs found recipients for transplants. In the week following her accident and death, Heche was flooded with tributes from her former co-stars, friends and Tupper -- who is the father of her 13-year-old son, Atlas.

For more on Heche's life and legacy, see the video below.