Anthony Rapp Gets Candid in First TV Interview Since Kevin Spacey Allegations -- Watch

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The 'Star Trek: Discovery' actor opens up about coming forward on Friday's 'The Talk.'

Anthony Rapp hopes his story helped others come forward.

The Star Trek: Discovery star appeared in his first televised interview on Friday's The Talk, after coming forward last October with allegations of sexual misconduct against Kevin Spacey.

“I could only tell my story, but I knew there were more stories," the 46-year-old actor told the co-hosts. "So I was just hopeful that coming forward, it would encourage other people to tell the truth."

"I knew it was a risky thing, I knew that he was very popular, and certainly a respected actor, but at the same time I knew I was trying to protect people," he added. 'And I was incredibly gratified by the enormous wave of support.”

Watch a portion of Rapp's interview below.

In October, Rapp alleged in a piece published on Buzzfeed that Spacey had made a sexual advance toward him when the actor was 14 years old. Amid the fallout, Spacey responded that he did "not remember the encounter," but offered his apology for whatever behavior might have ensued. Spacey also came out as gay in his statement. Since then, the disgraced Oscar winner has been removed from the final season of his Netflix show, House of Cards, and had his role in the recent film, All the Money in the World, re-shot with Christopher Plummer.

“I've been very gratified by the response I've gotten from so many people," Rapp told ET in December about the support he'd received since coming forward. "I think all of this is an important step to dismantle the machinery that allowed this sort of thing to continue.”

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