Ariana Grande Drops New Song 'Boyfriend' -- Watch the Funny, Romantic and Bloody New Music Video!

The singer called her new track with Social House a "nostalgic bop."

Ariana Grande's new song is here!

The singer dropped her new single, "Boyfriend," a collaboration with pop duo Social House, on Thursday, and fans went wild for the self-described "nostalgic bop" and the moody, stylized music video.

"I feel like this song captures a common theme in the lives of so many people i know!" Grande wrote in response to a fan who asked about the song's inspiration earlier in the day. "People want to feel love but don’t want to define their relationship & have trouble fully committing or trusting or allowing themselves to fully love someone. even tho they want to."

The new track opens with Grande singing the opening line: "I'm a motherf**kin' train wreck." The song goes on to tell a story of two people who aren't willing to put labels on their relationship, but definitely aren't okay with the idea of sharing affection.

In the video, Grande and Social House's Mikey Foster play the pseudo-couple in question as they each pine over each other from a distance while refusing to admit the actual depths of their feelings. They both also have elaborate fantasies about attacking the other suitors in each other's lives. 

This beautifully shot and darkly funny video includes some truly memorable, surreal moments including Grande shooting a girl in the hand with an arrow, Foster ripping Grande's date's heart out with his bare hands in the style of an old kung fu movie, and Grande shooting heart-shaped lasers out of her chest. 

All the while, Grande and Foster are making out and cuddling up while simultaneously fighting and pushing each other away for a video that serves as a bizarre emotional roller coaster.

Grande teased the song on social media all week, opening up about creating the "bop with substance."

"We wanted to make something uplifting that captures that feeling of being afraid to take the leap & trust, being afraid of being hurt or feeling like you won’t be enough for that person ... but also how it feels to have a crippling crush on someone," she tweeted.

Grande also promised that the video for the track -- which she wrote with Social House's Mikey Foster and Scootie Anderson -- had some surprises to come, saying her favorite moments of filming were "the stunts & scooties reactions to everything."

See more about Grande's musical year in the video below.




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