Ariana Grande Thanks Her LGBTQ Fans in Open Letter to Celebrate Pride Month


"Thank you for celebrating me the way I celebrate you. I love you forever," Grande wrote.

Ariana Grande is showing her love to her LGBTQ fans with a heartfelt letter.

In honor of the first day of Pride Month, which encompasses all of June, Grande penned a sweet note where she discussed her brother's sexuality, her days on Broadway and revealed that drag queens taught her how to do her makeup. 

"I grew up with a gay brother whose every move I would emulate. I idolized him. Everything Frankie did, I would do," Grande, 24, wrote for Billboard. "I can’t remember a difference between Frankie before he came out and Frankie after he came out. He’s always just been Frankie. Sexuality and gender were never topics my family and I were afraid to discuss. When Frankie came out my surprisingly unfazed (for his age) grandfather said 'Congrats! Can we go to dinner now? I’m f**kin' hungry.'"

The "No Tears Left to Cry" singer continued: "I was taught to do my makeup by queens in gay bars in New York City. I made my Broadway debut at 14 years old and did 8 shows a week but there was never a night I was too tired to run to a gay bar and do a quick Whitney cover before bed."

The pop star concluded her letter with a sweet message of love and inclusivity.

"I am eternally indebted to and inspired by the LGBTQ community. I hope to create anthems for you that wrap you up with comfort and make you get your best life for as long as I live," she wrote. "Thank you for celebrating me the way I celebrate you. I love you forever."

Grande, along with several other celebs, got in on the pride love on Twitter too.

Here's a look at one of last year's performances from NYC's PrideFest: