Ariana Grande Writes Secret Messages to Her Famous Exes in 'Thank U, Next' Music Video

Ariana Grande in Thank U Next

Pete Davidson, Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez all got a shout-out in the video that dropped on Friday.

Ariana Grande's feeling "grateful" for her famous exes.

The singer dropped the official music video for her post-breakup anthem, "Thank U, Next" on Friday, and needless to say, it's a "smash," just like she anticipated. 

While the video is filled with plenty of epic moments, Grande also sprinkles a few slightly hidden (and kinda hilarious!) messages throughout that reference her past relationships with Pete Davidson, Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez and the late Mac Miller, all whom she name-drops in the song.

Towards the beginning of the video, Grande channels Rachel McAdams as Regina George in the 2004 hit Mean Girls. Of course, the scene wouldn't be complete without Grande's own version of the iconic "Burn Book," with pages all dedicated to her former lovers.

Alvarez's page features a photo of the two with a heart around his name. "Great dancer," Grande writes using a red Sharpie, adding "good times man" and "friends forever."


Her note to Big Sean was a little more flirty, perhaps trying to send him a message in real life?  "So sweet, so cute," Grande gushes, with "could still get it" in parentheses.


As for Davidson, Grande seemingly reveals for the first time that she was the one who pulled the plug on their engagement in October. "Sorry I dipped," her message on the SNL star's page reads. "I love you always."


She also pokes fun at the headlines that erupted this year about Davidson's "Big D**k Energy" multiple times in the video, suggesting that the comedian is, well, gifted down there. First, by writing "HUUUUUGE" across the bottom of his "Burn Book" page:


And again during a Legally Blonde-inspired scene with Jennifer Coolidge. "He was really cute," Grande, channeling Elle Woods, exclaims. "And it was… it was really big."

"Well, I've only gone out with one guy that had a big front tooth," jokes Coolidge, reprising her role as Paulette. "And I liked it 'cause he never got anything stuck in the front teeth."


And as many fans pointed out via Twitter, the deliveryman in the video isn't from UPS, but from "BDE."


So, what about Miller? The rapper's name doesn't appear in the "Burn Book," but Grande replied to a fan and said he's "by her bed" in a since-deleted tweet.


Around the 1:03 mark, you can also see that Grande looks to the sky as she lip-syncs the "'cause he was an angel" lyrics, a seemingly subtle tribute to her ex-boyfriend who tragically died in September.


Watch the full video, which features cameos from Kris Jenner, Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett and more, below: