Ariana Grande's Ex Mac Miller Raps About Lost Love as They Both Release Music Videos on Same Day


Ariana Grande and Mac Miller both released new songs on Friday.

The former flames -- who called it quits in May after two years together -- both dropped heavily emotional tracks. While Miller's "Self Care" -- off his upcoming album, Swimming, which debuts Aug. 3 -- is all about grappling with a failed relationship, Grande's "God Is a Women" -- from Sweetener, due out Aug. 17 -- leans more into female empowerment.

In addition to the new tunes, both musicians also released videos for their latest singles. Miller's gritty six-minute video features the rapper digging himself out of a hole -- literally, he uses a knife to dig himself out of a grave where he was buried alive -- following a breakup.

“Well, didn’t know what I was missing / Now it see a lil’ different / I was thinking too much / Got stuck in oblivion, yeah, yeah,” Miller, 26, raps as he claws his way out of the grave and onto the top of the mound of dirt.

As he's blasted away yet again he sings, “We play it cool / We know we f**ked up, yeah / You keep on sayin’ you in love, so? / Tell me are you really down? / Are you really down? Yeah.”

Even after the whole battle, Miller is still standing in the end.

Meanwhile, 25-year-old Grande's four-minute ethereal track features the songstress celebrating her womanhood and femininity. Her video is more abstract -- she goes from lying nude in a pool of paint to dancing on a bed to looking out to a miniature paper town. The pop star also sits on top of the world and stands in the center of a candle's flame. With the imagery surrounding the whole video, Grande takes a moment to acknowledge her strength and sexiness.

“My one, when all is said and done / You’ll believe God is a woman,” she sings.

At one point in the tune, the voice of God interrupts the song to declare, "And I will strike down upon me with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my sisters. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you."

A rep for Grande confirmed that Madonna is the famous voice that says those powerful lines just before Grande throws a hammer through a glass ceiling as a sign of defiance. 

Following the song's release, Grande took to Twitter to dedicate it to the "fellow goddesses who work their a**es off every day to 'break the glass ceiling.'"

Grande's fiance, Pete Davidson -- who popped the question in June -- is a noted fan of the song, calling it his "fav" from her upcoming album on Instagram Thursday. The 24-year-old Saturday Night Live star also commented "YUM YUM YUM" on Grande's topless post announcing the track's release.

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