Ariana Grande's Wig Flies Off While Competing on 'That's My Jam'

The pop star lost her wig multiple times while competing against her fellow 'The Voice' coaches on Jimmy Fallon's new music game show.

Hold on to your wigs because things are getting pretty crazy on Jimmy Fallon's new music game show, That's My Jam.

In a game of "Air Guitar," Fallon challenged The Voice coaches, Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, paired off into teams, to answer some music trivia. With each right answer, the opposing team risked the chance of getting "rocked" by Fallon's guitar, which shoots out a gust of air and confetti at the opponents, and "rocked" they did, sending Grande's rock star wig flying right off her head.

The hilarious moment spawned a fit of giggles from Clarkson, who couldn't help but point out the moment.

"It blew your wig off," Clarkson said in between laughs.

"How is that a thing? Oh my god," a shocked Grande asked.

Fallon replayed the moment in an instant replay before proceeding to the next round of the outrageous game --- but it wasn't the last time Grande would lose her wig.

The Positions singer lost her top again when Fallon asked Clarkson and Legend a trivia question about her pet pig. 

To Grande's dismay, the pair got the question right, and she and Shelton got blasted once again, knocking her wig off once more.

The laugh-out-loud segment is just one of many music, dance and trivia challenges on the variety game show, including one that saw The Voice coaches battling it out in some pretty impressive karaoke challenges.

These four are used to going head-to-head though. ET spoke with The Voice coaches during their season 21 run, where they talked about making tough cuts and Grande's first season on the series.

"The artists are connecting with the music and putting themselves out there and making us really feel it," Legend said of season 21's performers. "We get to know them, we get to know their stories and get to know why those songs mean something to them."

"You really feel the emotion of it," he added. "Particularly for Ariana, being a new coach and falling in love with her artists and then finding out she has to send one home every time. It's pretty tough, and you can see how emotional that is for her."

"It's not like [it gets] any easier," Clarkson agreed. "You're just at least used to it. You start to be like, 'It's a game, it's a game, it's a game.' But it's hard that first season."

Grande agreed that she faced an emotional learning curve in her first season, saying, "There's so much to learn, there's so much amazing talent."

While the coaches battled it out till the end in the very emotional season of the singing competition series, much like during "Air Guitar," Clarkson came out victorious, with her season 21 group, Girl Named Tom making history by becoming the first group ever to win The Voice.

That's My Jam premieres Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. on NBC.