Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Lauren Burnham Give Wedding Planning Update (Exclusive)


Their wedding is set for January!

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are in full-on wedding planning mode!

ET caught up with the Bachelor alums -- who released their engagement pics on Saturday -- at the Honda Indy Toronto INDYCAR race in Canada on Sunday.

"It's been awesome. We actually met with our wedding planner here in Toronto. She was actually here in town, which is really cool," Luyendyk, 36, said. "And our buddy, Clint's, helping out with a lot of things, who's been with me for a few years. It's going good. There's a lot more to think about than I originally thought."

For her part, 26-year-old Burnham is thrilled that planning has been relatively stress-free thus far.

"I thought I'd be more of a bridezilla, honestly, but I'm not stressing much at all," Burnham shared. "So it's been great. We're just having fun picking out different details for our wedding."

While the couple confirms that they have similar tastes, there is one thing Luyendyk held firm on for their big day -- the dessert table.

"We need to have good desserts," Luyendyk explained. "Oh yeah. He had a lot to say about that," Burnham quipped.

In between wedding planning, the duo is also working on setting up their house, which they bought together last month.

"It's going great. Right now we're kind of camping out. We just have our mattress on the floor and we just watch movies there every night. It's cool," Burnham revealed.

Though the pair is in love with their home, their four-legged housemates are especially pleased.

"Our dogs love it because we have a backyard finally because we moved from a condo," Luyendyk said. "So that's been the biggest change. We really love being at home. We actually spent three weeks at home recently and it was just the best."

With a Hawaiian wedding set for January and a house firmly in the works, the next milestone for the happy couple will be starting a family!

"I think it's one step at a time," Luyendyk said of a timeline for kids.

"We're focused on the wedding and our house," Burnham revealed. "I don't think you can plan for something like that. I think it happens when it happens."

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