Ariel Winter Shuts Down Body Shamer Who Accuses Her of Getting Plastic Surgery

Ariel Winter
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Ariel Winter is firing back at internet trolls.

The Modern Family star recently took to Instagram to share pics from her 21st birthday celebration, ahead of the milestone day on Monday. The shots feature Winter in a checkered jumpsuit as she poses with her friend, Joe Kaprielian, and her boyfriend, Levi Meaden.

Comments varied on the post, with some fans praising Winter's figure -- which appeared to be slimmed down -- and others criticizing her appearance.

"Nothing wrong with being honest and telling her we liked her better before 'the change,'" one user wrote. "She was so beautiful before she started chopping up her body and if me saying so helps one gurl out there to feel beautiful who's thinking of [plastic surgery] then [it's] worth it."

Winter was not pleased with the comment and decided to reply to the user.

"I appreciate you wanting to help girls love themselves the way [they] are, but you are also kind of cutting someone (me) down which isn't what I think you were trying to do?" Winter wrote. "I also didn't get plastic surgery. That is also not being supportive of women if you're just assuming something about the way they look."

Ariel Winter

This isn't the first time Winter has called out online trolls. Back in 2016, ET's Katie Krause caught up with the actress, who discussed the social media criticism she receives for posting revealing shots online. 

"Everybody is so hyped up on the fact that I post photos where my butt's out. It's a butt. Everyone has a butt. I don't think it's crazy," she said at the time. "It's like, 'Let me live! I'm enjoying my life, you're enjoying your life, you should be posting your butt if you like it, too!'"

"I'm not going to fight with someone on my Instagram that tells me they don't like my outfit or I should put my butt away," she added. "I'm sorry you think I should put my butt away, but just unfollow me."

Aside from the social media drama, Winter seems to have had a great birthday! The actress shared a video of people singing "Happy Birthday" to her as she blew out a candle in a pizza.

Meaden, 31, also took to Instagram to wish his girlfriend of more than two years a happy birthday.

"Happy birthday to this sexy, brilliant, hilarious woman. I love you and all you’ve brought into my life! ❤️," he wrote.

Watch the video below for more on Winter: 


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