‘The Arrangement’ Stars Show Off Their A-List On-Set Snacks in New ‘Let’s Get Crafty!’

Christine Evangelista and Josh Henderson show ET’s Katie Krause around their craft services tent in a new installment of ET’s original Facebook Watch series.

The Arrangement may be all about a fictitious Hollywood relationship, but the snacks on the set of E!’s original drama series are very real -- and very ritzy!


ET’s Katie Krause recently paid a visit to the set of the show, where series stars Christine Evangelista and Josh Henderson showed her around the craft services tent for our original Facebook Watch series Let's Get Crafty. In addition to a coffee station and salsa bar, the set-up also included some very high-end treats like champagne, caviar and lobster tails!


“I think we knew you were coming, so we wanted to make it nice,” Evangelista noted, while her co-star poked fun at the size of the seafood offering.


“This is the fun-size, like when you go trick-or-treating and get a fun-size Snickers?” he joked. “This is a fun-size lobster tail.”


While the high-end grub might have been a special treat, the craft services for the cast and crew of The Arrangement is well-stocked on a day-to-day basis, with everything from fresh fruit to bagels and fixings.


“I’m a big bagel guy, I worked at a bagel place for a few years in high school,” Henderson admitted. “I had to take a few years off bagels, ‘cause I couldn’t stand them. Now I like them again.”


But even though the co-stars agreed that bagel tops are far superior to bagel bottoms, it’s not all about the snacks -- the cast also has their spice game on point! “This is my jam,” Evangelista said, showing off a bottle of Tajin seasoning. “I put this on fruit, makes it nice and spicy!”


“It’s also good on the rim of your margarita,” Henderson helpfully pointed out.

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