'You're the Worst' Stars Dish on Their Tastiest On-Set Snacks in New 'Let's Get Crafty'

Desmin Borges and Kether Donohue open up about their show's craft services treats in a new installment of ET's original Facebook Watch series.

When they aren't busy starring in one of the best dramedies on TV, the cast of You're The Worst spend quite a bit of time hanging around the craft services table, and ET is getting them to open up about their favorite foods.

In an all-new episode of our original Facebook Watch series Let's Get Crafty, ET's Leanne Aguilera joined Desmin Borges and Kether Donohue, and dished on their off-time snacks.

"We're in our favorite spot, where you will find us in between takes," Donohue said of the catered snack table backstage on the set of their FXX series.

"Or during takes," Borges chimed in. "It just depends on what's going on."

So what exactly is there to distract from production on the craft services table? Well, each of the stars have their own favorite meals that make dining at the craft table feel like an on-set vacation.

"There is this sandwich that can only be made here" Donohue said, explaining how she once saw a crewmember from their wardrobe department eating a sandwhich that looked like "one of those perfect cartoon sandwiches" and she asked for one herself.

"So every day they make me the sandwich," she explained, before getting the idyllic meal handed to her. The tasty treat includes pickles, "any kind of cheese you want," tomato, lettuce mustard and mayonnaise. 

As for Borges, his favorite snack is a little more niche.

'"It hangs out in my back pocket on a daily basis," he said, pulling a sizeable plastic bag from the pocket of his slacks. "I got maple pepper jerky from Fleisher's Craft Butchery in Brooklyn, New York."

However, when they aren't trying to snack smart and want something a little healthy, Borges says he always opts for the "apple fritter."

"I like chips. I'm not a sweets person, I'm a carbs person," Donohue added.

As for their acclaimed show, both stars were a little more in agreement when it came to describing it for those who have never seen an episode.

"It's a clusterf**k of misfits who are looking for love in all the wrong places," Borges said. "And instead of trying to maneuver themselves into the right situations they end up ruining their lives and everyone else's around them."

"I would second that," Donohue added.

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