Ashanti Is Looking for the Next Big Pop Star in 'Honey Girls' Trailer (Exclusive)

The family film is based on the popular Build-A-Bear toy line.

Build-A-Bear is assembling its very own girl group, no stuffing required. The newest movie out of the workshop is Honey Girls, which is based on the Build-A-Bear line of the same name and stars Ashanti as the international superstar triple-threat, Fancy G, hosting a talent competition to discover the next big pop star.

"I definitely had a few Build-a-Bears," Ashanti told ET's Rachel Smith from the set of Honey Girls. "I didn't have the Honey Girls, but I did have other Build-a-Bears. I had quite a few of them. I had a boyfriend, actually, leave me a nice message in a bear a long time ago. I still have the bear, not the boyfriend."

Digital star Tessa Brooks co-stars as Fancy G's faithful assistant, while newcomers Aliyah Mastin, Ava Grace and Frankie McNellis play the Honey Girls: Preppy brainiac Maya, alt rocker Charlie and athlete-turned all star Alex, respectively. The movie is all about friendship, girl power and being true to yourself, and ET is exclusively debuting the trailer, above.

Honey Girls marks the feature debut of music video director Trey Fanjoy, who helmed Taylor Swift's "Love Story" among many, many more. Julia Michaels is on board as music supervisor, with original songs penned by Mark Nilan Jr. (who wrote a number of Lady Gaga's songs in A Star Is Born, including "Why Did You Do That?" and "Hair Body Face").

"The music is super uplifting," Ashanti teased. "It's a completely different vibe from Ashanti. But it's cool and it's different and I feel like it's so important as an artist to continue to evolve. You have to continue to build the empire."

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Honey Girls is available exclusively on DVD and digitally on Oct. 19.


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