Ashanti's Sultry Look and Surprise Performance Steals the Show at Fat Joe's Birthday Party

Ashanti's Sultry Look Steals the Show at Fat Joe's Birthday Party
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Fat Joe may have rung in his birthday with a star-studded extravaganza on Friday, but all eyes were on Ashanti! The 40-year-old singer stole the show when she arrived at the rapper's 51st birthday party at a rooftop garden at Rockefeller Center in New York City in a stunning mini dress by Louisa Ballou. She then gave partygoers a surprise by grabbing the mic and giving an impromptu performance of some of her greatest hits. 

The singer posted several snaps of herself at the party, wearing the show-stopping dress that even Fat Joe found himself stunned speechless over. "Gave em the blues 💙," she captioned a post flaunting the cut-out blue mini dress, dangling earrings and gold strappy heels she wore to the party.

"Far from perfect… but definitely worth it.. 💙," she wrote for another post

The GRAMMY Award-winning singer treated party guests to a performance of her classic hits, "Foolish" and "Rock Wit You (Awww Baby)," with the man of honor chiming in as her hype man. The video of her impromptu show and photos of her outfit got her name trending on Twitter, with fans gushing over the singer's beauty. 

Fat Joe perfectly summed up the stunned reaction from fans in his recap of the party on his Instagram Live. Ashanti reposted the footage on her page with the caption, "If your brother don't hype u up like this he's trash!!!"

"When Ashanti comes out that car, Je-sus Christmas! I mean, what wasn't she wearing?" the rapper said in the video. "In all the years I’ve known her, she’s never looked better. She walks in, I automatically rush her to the stage because I thought the f**king outfit was gonna fly off her."

"When we do it, we do it big," he added. "COVID taught us that you can die at any moment. We live every day like it's our last day. You can't take your money with you…"

One thing is for sure, Ashanti knows how to be the life of a party!


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