Ashley Graham Shows Her Unfiltered Postpartum Belly 1 Year After Giving Birth to Twins

The supermodel continues to keep it real on social media with a photo of her postpartum stomach.

As always, Ashley Graham is keeping it real. 

The supermodel and inclusivity advocate took to social media on Monday with a photo of her stomach that has not gone unnoticed. The snap features the mom of three's bare torso as she grabs her belly with her two hands. While the star did not caption the shot on Instagram, the picture has struck a chord with her many social media followers. 

"I wish I saw post like this when I was younger," one person wrote. "The impact of photos like these is substantial."

Another praised, "Ladies how many can relate! NO CAPTION NEEDED!"

A third said, "I look at you and see such a beautiful woman. Thank you for showing this, after three children I look the same. Thank you for helping me see that I am beautiful too."

The photo comes just over a year since Graham gave birth to her twin sons, Malachi and Roman. She is also mom to 3-year-old son Isaac, whom she welcomed in 2020. 

Along the way, she's kept it real with her fans, sharing an unfiltered look at her changing body, breastfeeding and hair loss. 

"You get acne. The weight doesn't come off... Your boobs go down to here when you're done," she said during a recent appearance on The Daily Show. "I have two bras on currently. It's life."