Ashley Tisdale on Why Her Wellness Routine Consists of Biting Into Lemon Wedges, Journaling and Coffee Breaks

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Ashley Tisdale
Logan Mock

Ashley Tisdale shared her top wellness hacks and self-care routine while celebrating the launch of Being Frenshe's scent range.

Make time for yourself! Ashley Tisdale sat down with ET to reveal her ultimate wellness hacks while celebrating the launch of her brand Being Frenshe's new scent range, Palo Santo Sage.

The actress, who launched the company in 2022, decided to create her own line of mood-boosting essentials after making changes to her self-care regimen.

Ashley Tisdale/Instagram

"I was inspired to create Being Frenshe as I began to see the positive impact of small everyday rituals, like taking a bath or lighting a candle, on my overall well-being," she said.

And while every day is not the same, Tisdale does her best to carve out time for restorative moments no matter how packed her schedule is.

"I always begin my day with a meditation. … There are days when I'm in back-to-back meetings, and self-care looks more like a quick coffee break, but believe me, I am going to savor every drop of that latte," the businesswoman joked.

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"I also try to be mindful of my random phone time, because it's so easy to lose time to mindless scrolling if I'm not careful. I make an effort to put my phone down to reclaim 15 minutes here and there. Those little bursts of solo time help," she continued.

When the High School Musical star has more free time, she focuses on her emotional and physical wellbeing.

"There are some days when I have therapy or a workout, which obviously are so beneficial to feeling good overall."

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A pro tip she has received: "My therapist, Christie Uipi, shared a really simple and smart trick for when you start to feel anxiety building in your body -- bite into a lemon wedge. Something about that tart taste and the texture refocuses your senses, and it can pull you out of a spiral. It's like a little jolt to the system that helps you re-center."

As for her current workout routine, "I've been doing regular Pilates sessions. It can be challenging, but it makes me feel so good afterward,” Tisdale spilled.

Once her to-do list is complete, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody actress is all about settling into the night.

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"I've been leaning into my evening rituals. … If I don't get a good night's rest, I really feel it the next day. … My husband, Chris, and I will have dinner with our daughter, we'll read her some stories and get her to bed, and after we clean up the kitchen, we make time to connect and share about our days. … Then I'll journal before going to sleep. … It helps to get my thoughts out of my head and onto the page."