Ashton Kutcher Recounts Night of Friend's Murder During Testimony in Alleged Serial Killer Case

Ashton Kutcher took the stand on Wednesday morning in the trial of an alleged serial killer, Michael Gargiulo.

Ashton Kutcher took the stand on Wednesday morning in the trial of an alleged serial killer, Michael Gargiulo, who is accused of murdering his friend, Ashley Ellerin.

Gargiulo is facing two counts of murders in the deaths of two women, including Ellerin. Kutcher was called to the stand at 9:36 a.m. to testify about his plans to go out with Ellerin the night that she was stabbed to death in 2001. Kutcher, who wore a blue suit and a red tie, told the court that he made plans for a date with Ellerin on Feb. 21, 2001. He said he last spoke to her at 8:24 p.m. that evening, and called her after to let her know he was on his way home and then to a party, but she didn't answer her phone. He said he arrived at her home at 10:45 p.m.

A few people in the courtroom chuckled when Kutcher said he didn't call her too much because he was trying to take her on a date and didn't want to seem overeager. The 41-year-old actor testified that when he eventually arrived at her home, he "knocked on the door and there was no answer." He said he looked through a window, tried the front door, and looked through a second window.

"I thought it was odd that lights were on and she wasn't there," he testified. "I saw what I thought was red wine spilled on the carpet."

The actor said he left the home thinking she wasn’t there and had left because he was late. He also said he did not recall seeing Gargiulo at any parties.

Kutcher was calm and well-spoken on the stand during his testimony and only addressed the court when spoken to.

Prosecutors told jurors during opening statements that they believe Gargiulo attacked Ellerin from behind after she exited her shower on Feb. 21, 2001, CBS News reports. Deputy district attorney Daniel Akemon said he believes that the the spilled wine Kutcher said he saw was actually blood.

Gargiulo is also charged with the 2005 murder of Maria Bruno, and the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy, who was stabbed in her home in 2008. He is also facing a murder charge in Illinois in the 1993 death of Tricia Pacaccio, who was found stabbed to death outside her home.

-- Reporting by Joseph Corral