Austin Butler Reveals His First Crush and Romantic Secret Skill

Austin Butler
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The actor is currently promoting his new Apple TV+ series, 'Masters of the Air.'

Austin Butler has an incredibly relatable first crush for fans of Boy Meets World.

While recently promoting his new Apple TV+ series, Masters of the Air, on The Drew Barrymore ShowButler, 32, opened up about his love for Danielle Fishel's iconic character, as well as a secret skill of his that not many people know about.

"I think like Topanga on what was that show... Boy Meets World," Butler told Drew Barrymore, 48, of his first crush.

Meanwhile, the actor's co-star, Callum Turner -- who is currently rumored to be dating Dua Lipa -- told Barrymore that his first crush was Jessica Rabbit. 

Barrymore continued to grill the pair on other hot button issues and topics, including their secret talents and what act of love they hope to see make a major comeback in the coming year. 

"I can make a rose out of a paper napkin," Butler said, telling the host that he only does it "on special occasions." 

"I can fall asleep very quickly," Turner, 33, shared. 

As for what they hope to bring back when it comes to showing love to another person, the pair agreed on their answer. 

"I think writing love letters, little notes," Butler said. 

"I was going to say love letters as well. I think writing to each other is a beautiful thing," Turner said. 

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During the episode, Butler and Turner also offered their support to Barrymore, who told them she was going on a blind date and feeling very nervous. Butler, who is slated to star in Dune Part II this spring, even offered to step in if things go badly

When Barrymore asked the pair what she should do if the vibes of the date are off, both men advised her to get out of there, which is when the Elvis star stepped in. 

"Yeah, you go to the bathroom and you call a friend and you have them give you a surprise call," he said. 

"Can you do that?" Barrymore asked. 

"Want me to do that?" Butler offered. "I’ll be your friend."

"Please be my get-out-of-here call," she pleaded with Butler, who happily obliged, saying, "Yeah, just send me a text and I'll call."

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