Watch Austin Butler Agree to Rescue Drew Barrymore From a Bad Blind Date

Butler gave the 'Drew Barrymore Show' host some tips on how to get out of an awkward date.

Austin Butler is the friend that you can call in a pinch! 

On Wednesday's episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the Masters of the Air star was joined by his co-star, Callum Turner. In addition to promoting their new Apple TV+ series, the pair had some sound dating advice.

In the clip, Barrymore, 48, reveals that she's feeling a bit nervous ahead of a blind date she was set to have that night. 

After noting that it's her "first date in a real long time," Turner had nothing but support for the host.

"I’m excited for your night tonight," Turner says. 

"I'm not. I dread these things because they’re awkward," Drew adds. 

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Barrymore shares that she and the mystery man (whom she met online) are set to have a dinner date, a move that she was advised against. 

"I like the dinner," Butler says. "Then, you know, if it doesn't work, you get to actually talk, and yeah, you’re gonna have a great time."

"I've got a good feeling about tonight," Turner says. 

When Barrymore asks what she should do if the vibes of the date are off, both men advise her to get out of there. Butler even offers to help.

"Yeah, you go to the bathroom and you call a friend and you have them give you a surprise call," the Elvis star says.

"Can you do that?" Barrymore asks. 

"Want me to do that?" Butler offers. "I’ll be your friend."

Barrymore admits that she plans to take him up on that offer. 

"I'm not kidding. I get very nervous and I've never met this person before. He's a complete stranger," she shares.

"I can't wait to get updates," Butler says. 

"Please be my get-out-of-here call," she pleads with Butler, who happily obliged, saying, "Yeah, just send me a text and I'll call."

Barrymore has been open about getting back in the dating arena since her divorce from Will Kopelman in 2016. 

For his part, Butler has been in a relationship with Kaia Gerber since 2021, while Turner's dating life has also found buzz, as he has been linked to Dua Lipa.

During their recent night out at Sushi Park in West Hollywood in mid-January, Turner was photographed hugging his fellow England native from behind and planting a kiss on her cheek. 

"They looked over the moon," an eyewitness told ET. "It was like they were glued together. He looked smitten and she was just super, super happy."


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