Avril Lavigne on Relating to Olivia Rodrigo and Working With Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly (Exclusive)

The singer opened up about her new music, which drops Feb. 25.

Avril Lavigne says she can appreciate and relate to Olivia Rodrigo and her musical journey in a big way.

The songstress spoke with ET's Lauren Zima this week, ahead of the launch of her new album Love Sux, and the pop superstar reflected on her recent meeting with the "Drivers License" singer.

"I met her a [few months] ago and it's like she's kind of going through what I went through," Lavigne shared. "I wrote my first album when I was 16 and experienced crushes and like dating or whatever for the first time and how intense that feels, and then writing songs and putting that into music."

"It’s so great because you’re putting all that into your art and it’s so real and people relate to that, and she’s great," she added. "It was so lovely meeting her and she’s doing amazing stuff."

Lavigne has never shied away from incorporating her personal life into her music -- which is actually where the title track of her new album came from.

"So my new album is called Love Sux because that was how I've been feeling at the beginning of making this record," she said. "I don't know, I'd gotten out of a relationship and I was just feeling kind of over it and I needed a break to focus on myself."

"That didn’t last long," she added, referring to her relationship with rocker Mod Sun. "But it’s how I felt at the time."

Lavigne said that with this particular album though she wanted to maintain "a sense of humor throughout the record, and in my music, it's fun. The album talks about all the crazy stuff love puts us through."

While she doesn't have any collaborations with Rodrigo on the album, she did get a chance to work with Travis Barker -- whom she previously worked with on her 2007 album The Best Damn Thing.

"Making the album with Travis has been a lot of fun because we worked together 15 years ago... and then we reconnected with this record and he's evolved so much," she shared. "He's gone from being an artist in a band to, you know, having a record label, producing and writing, and it's been so much fun."

She had similar praise for her team-up with Machine Gun Kelly on the track "Bois Lie"

"It was really great to see him working in person and to experience that," she said of the rocker. "He plays guitar and he's a really amazing songwriter and he brought in an idea for me and we wrote it together and we recorded and it was like so chill"

Fans can check out Lavigne's new album, Love Sux, which dropped Thursday night.