Why Kevin Hart Won't Joke about Kimye at the VMAs


As Kevin Hart prepares to host the VMAs on Thursday, he is warning celebrities that nobody will be safe from the wrath of his comedy; however he is granting one couple immunity.

"The monologue that I have planned, I'm pointing out a lot of things that people have thought and that people want addressed. I'm going to be the voice to address these things," Hart teased of the awards show.

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However, because of a favor that Kanye West and girlfriend Kim Kardashian did for him by acting in a VMAs promo with him, Hart says that he won't be putting the spotlight on the two during the show.

"That's my guy, and he did a favor for me, so I can't really tease him right now," Hart said of West. "He definitely came through in a last minute crunch for me and poured out that commercial, which was funny and cool. So, no, Kanye is off-limits. I won't tease him. [He] and Kim are off the starting block. They're O.K."

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While he doesn't plan on poking fun at West or his girlfriend, Hart said that if an act like West's infamous interruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech happens at this year's VMAs, he's prepared to take action.

"Here's the thing, if it happens on my stage, I'm going to punch somebody in the throat. I've already let it be known," Hart said. "I'm crazy, O.K.? and I think that's what you need from your host. See, they didn't have anybody to address it when it happened. Everybody just went and acted like nothing happened and was oblivious to it. You can't do that."

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Hart also shared his opinions on the recent relationship strife of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, a topic which may become a punching bag at the VMAs.

"It's ridiculous! What is Robert doing? Get over it! You're a star! Go get a model," the comedian said of Pattinson, then sharing his thoughts on Stewart as well. "Good for her; she's young....She's supposed to [cheat]. This is when you do it. You don't wait 'til you're 45 to do it."

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Check out the full video above to hear Hart's full interview as well as a sneak peek at where the stars will be sitting during the event. The VMAs will air Thursday, September 6 at 8 p.m. on MTV.