SAGs Flashback '02: Nicole Kidman Goes Solo


Two thousand-one was a year of extremes for Nicole Kidman. She starred in the awarded musical Moulin Rouge, but also separated from her husband of more than ten years, Tom Cruise. On the red carpet at the 2002 SAG Awards, she talks about walking the red carpet alone.

As she stood on ET's platform at the SAG Awards that year, the Australian actress had already won a Golden Globe for her performance in Moulin Rouge, was on the red carpet that night for the Best Cast Award, and was soon heading to the Academy Awards for the Best Actress Award.

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Chatting with ET's former correspondent Jann Carl on the red carpet, the then-34-year-old actress discusses not having a date lined up for the Oscars.

"Well, I could be going solo but I don't know," she says as she fidgets with her dress. "It's kind of nice to go [solo]. I've always been with somebody else before so maybe I'll go by myself."

After attending the Oscars with her husband the previous year, Kidman wouldn't attend the Oscars alone as she thought she might. Instead, she brought her younger sister, Antonia, to hold her hand and pose for pictures with her.

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Kidman and the rest of the Moulin Rouge gang didn't win the SAG Award that year and she would also not receive her first Oscar that year. She would go on to win her first Oscar the following year for The Hours, but didn't receive a SAG Award for the film.

Eleven years after she received her first SAG nomination, Kidman is still searching for her first award, this time on an nomination for The Paperboy.