Bradley Cooper Addresses Possible Armstrong Biopic


While fans seem eager to see Bradley Cooper suit up in bike shorts to play former cyclist Lance Armstrong, Cooper tells ET's Nancy O'Dell that he's still a long way from making a deal for the role.

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J.J. Abrams confirmed to ET at the Producers Guild Awards that he is working on a Lance Armstrong script, and might be considering Cooper for the lead.

"[Bradley Cooper] sent me an email and we've been talking," Abrams said on Saturday.

According to Cooper, the talks have been very informal.

"[Abrams] and I email all the time, but we didn't say anything specific," Bradley said at Sunday's SAG Awards. "I didn't even know that he had the rights to it ... that's how out of the loop I am."

Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot (J.J. Abram's production company) secured the rights to Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, a book proposal penned by Juliet Macur, in mid-January just after Armstrong admitted publicly to doping during all seven Tour de France wins. The author, a sports reporter from The New York Times, has covered the athlete over the span of a decade throughout Armstrong's struggle with cancer, years of doping allegations and ensuing lawsuits.

VIDEO: J.J. Abrams Eyes Bradley Cooper for Armstrong Biopic

In the event that talks do turn serious, Cooper admitted that he "would entertain that in a heartbeat."

In the meantime, fans can catch Cooper in The Hangover III, due out May 24.