Ronan Farrow Slams Woody Allen Tribute

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Ronan Farrow did not take his estranged father Woody Allen's Golden Globe tribute lightly, and neither did his mother Mia. The mother-son duo both took to Twitter to express their disdain for the director's Sunday night honor.

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Ronan tweeted:

Garnering over 8,000 retweets, the 26-year-old journalist than began to re-post messages that supported his views.

Meanwhile, his mother and Allen's ex-wife Mia retweeted the Vanity Fair article from this past year where her daughter Dylan discusses her relationship with Allen at a young age. The 68-year-old actress also tweeted around the time of the tribute that she was changing the channel.

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Allen, 78, was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award, but it was his Annie Hall co-star Diane Keaton that accepted the token on his behalf. Cate Blanchett also won a Golden Globe on Sunday night for her role in Allen's film Blue Jasmine.