'Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah on Filling Jon Stewart's Shoes: He Told Me They're Smaller Than Mine

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Leave it to Jon Stewart to be a total confidence booster for Trevor Noah!

The incoming Daily Show host told ET at the 2015 Emmys on Sunday that while there certainly has been "insane amounts of pressure," the longtime host whose name has become synonymous with the Comedy Central program has brought him a lot of comfort during the transition.

"First thing he told me was his shoes are smaller than mine, so I shouldn't have trouble filling them," said Trevor, who starts his hosting duties on Sept. 28. "So, obviously, he was helping boost my confidence."

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So amazing. Luckily, Jon's serious advice was on point, too.

"The most important thing he [told me] was, 'Trust your instincts, trust your doubts and discomforts. So, if you feel like you shouldn't be going in that direction, that's the direction you shouldn't be going in.'"

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Jon, whose emotional final Daily Show was Aug. 6, admitted while accepting the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series that he sort of misses being on TV now that he's left.

"To everybody on television, I just want to tell you, cling to it as long as you can," he joked. ""I've been off of television for six weeks, seven weeks, whatever it is, this is the first applause I've heard."

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"Out in the world there are tables with food but you can't take it," he continued. "It costs money."

Then he gave up all the credit to the Daily Show cast, writers, and crew.

"These people, I love desperately. I will never work with a group of people like this, I will never have an experience like this again. Comedy Central blessed me with this and these people did all the work," Stewart said.

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"Thank you so very much," Stewart said, before ending us forever. "You will never have to see me again."

Trevor, not to pressure you, but Jon's shoes may be small... but in a way they're very, very big shoes, too. At least he's staying on as executive producer.

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