Globes Flashback '96: Brad Pitt's One and Only


Brad Pitt may be one of the most popular actors of the modern era but awards shows haven't been his niche. However in 1996, he won his first major award at the Golden Globes for his supporting role in the sci-fi 12 Monkeys.

Pitt has gone on to be nominated for numerous awards since his '96 statuette at the Globes, but he has unfortunately not taken home another major individual award since then, so his comments about awards in general are apropos as we look back on the years.

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"I seldom agree with who wins because it's all just a matter personal opinion, isn't it?" he says in the flashback. "So, they're fun but they're not the law...I just came from Sundance (film festival), where I saw so many great young actors, so...I feel privileged to be pointed out but I also know it's a crapshoot and there's so many talented people."

While the then-33-year-old actor had starred alongside Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys and been given the award for it, the press wanted to know about the film in which he had co-starred alongside his then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow, whom he had requested to be in the film.

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"Precisely not for that reason because it's such a cliche," Pitt replies when asked if he requested Paltrow to be in the film because he was dating her. "It was a tiny part and it was just so important that we got someone with a lot of soul [and] a lot of sunshine because the film was so dark, and I've been a big fan of her work for that very reason. It had to be Gwyneth and then-- it had to be Gwyneth."

Check out the full flashback above to hear Pitt's thoughts on the growing trend in big-budget films, which he believes will reverse.