Globes Flashback '02: McGregor's First & Only Nod


Ewan McGregor has been adored by movie lovers since his first film, but the same unfortunately cannot be said of the academies of American awards shows. However, one of his films that really stood out to all the critics and earned him his only major American awards show nomination to date.

While the Scottish actor has always been beloved in his native Britain, which was demonstrated by his inclusion in a British magazine's Top 100 Actors of All-Time list a few years into his career, McGregor didn't feel the love from critics in other parts of the globe despite a role in the popular Star Wars episode series.

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In 2001, McGregor took on a lead role in Moulin Rouge!, which dazzled critics around the world and raked in a mound of nominations for the ensuing awards season. Amid the film's substantial hype, then-30-year-old actor received his first Golden Globe nomination.

On his first Golden Globes red carpet, McGregor arrives to ET's platform while his Moulin Rouge! co-star Nicole Kidman is in the middle of being interviewed alongside her father. As Kidman was nominated for two awards that night, including the aforementioned film, most of the questions from ET's Mary Hart and Bob Goen were directed at her. However, when McGregor got an opportunity to speak on his nomination, he spoke about the film instead.

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"The way [the film has] kind of blasted around the world and done so well in every different country, regardless of that country's country--to get recognition like this is just a great mark of what the film's done and all the people involved in it. It was just fantastic," he says.

It proved symbolic in the end, as McGregor didn't win Best Actor that night, but witnessed Kidman win Best Actress and Moulin Rouge! win two awards, including Best Motion Picture.

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Although that has been his only major American awards show nomination in his career, McGregor may be dealt the hand of justice this awards season with The Impossible.