All Hail Meryl Streep and Her 29th Golden Globe Nomination!

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There's no stopping Meryl Streep.

On Thursday, the already legendary actress got her 29th Golden Globe nomination in the Best Film Supporting Actress category for her role as the Witch in the upcoming musical Into the Woods. Streep's incredible 29 nominations are the most of any man or woman in all film and television categories combined.

Meryl also has the honor of actually winning the most Golden Globe awards. Throughout her three-decade career, she's already won eight Golden Globes for her memorable roles in Kramer vs. Kramer, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Sophie's Choice,Adaptation, Angels in America, The Devil Wears Prada, Julia & Julia, and The Iron Lady.

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One person poking fun at Meryl's amazingly decorated career?

Her fellow Best Supporting Actress nominee Emma Stone, who's being recognized for her work in Birdman.

"I have no words," she said in a statement to ET. "I am so incredibly honored and grateful for this and feel insanely lucky to have had the chance to work with Alejandro, Michael, Edward, and the whole cast and crew of the beautiful madness that is Birdman. Now can someone please explain who this 'Meryl Streep' woman is?!"

Streep chatted with ET earlier this month about her latest celebrated film, explaining her initial reservations about accepting a role as a witch.

"Honestly, the idea of witches -- I think it's terror of older women that has lived in many different cultures and I don't like it," Streep, 65, said bluntly. She also revealed that she'd been offered three witch scripts the year she turned 40.

But clearly, the versatile actress is glad she accepted this one.

"I'm definitely proud of this, but I'm mostly proud of the ensemble, because it is a true ensemble," she said.

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Watch the video below to hear her Into the Woods co-stars such as Chris Pine and Emily Blunt dish about what it's like working with the legendary actress.

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