Lena Dunham Reveals Whether Taylor Swift Will Guest Star on 'Girls'

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Taylor Swift
is a 20-something living, laughing, and loving in New York City. So basically she’s living the real-life version of Girls. Except not at all, because Hannah Horvath doesn’t live in a multi-million dollar apartment or hang out with a posse of celebrities.

But might she appear on BFF Lena Dunham’s show?

“Taylor’s one of my best friends. If she ever wanted to come we would be overjoyed to have her!” Lena told Nancy O’Dell on the Golden Globes red carpet. “We have no official plans, but let's just say she’s welcome anytime!” Watch the video above to see the whole interview! 

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But they must have brainstormed potential roles Taylor could play at one of their sleepovers/bake sessions/dance parties, right? “She's pretty busy right now taking over the planet right now,” Lena played coy.

Nancy: “Lena, is that a yes or a no?”

Lena: “Don't press me Nancy!”

Nancy: “I’m gonna do it girl!”

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“Put it this way, we don’t know if were invited back yet — I mean we do, but no official invite,” costar Allison Williams weighed in. “So the people who aren’t in the cast, they have to wait a little bit longer.”

Ugh, quit being such a Marnie and tell us! Girls premieres tonight on HBO.

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