Oscars Flashback '05: Jamie Foxx Wins for 'Ray'


When an actor truly captures a role, we talk about how the actor brought that character to life. When Jamie Foxx took on the role of the late Ray Charles in the biopic Ray, it was as though time had become undone and the late musician was living once again.

Moviegoers weren't the only ones who were awe-struck by Foxx's uncanny depiction of Charles in the film, as film academies across the country divvied out shiny awards to Foxx for the role, which marked the first time in both his music and acting careers that he had been critically appreciated in such abundance.

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Having already won a Screen Actors Guild award and a Golden Globe for Best Actor, winning an Oscar at the 2005 Academy Awards was merely a tally mark, but it was a monumental moment for Foxx's career. With a hunch that he might win an award that night, he brought his young daughter along with him to witness it.

"She may not know the significance of everything that's going on tonight, but years from now, she'll be talking to her friends and say, 'Me and my dad one night had a great time," he says in the flashback.

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Not only was Ray deeply influential upon critics and awards academies but it also greatly influenced pop culture by bringing Charles' music back in the forefront and preserving his legacy forever.

"Ray Charles now is being played in the Escaldes that...drive by," he noted of the change in culture. "Young kids are getting into it and it's great because my daughter and all of her friends, they're getting into this music, and it's great to see that type of music being celebrated."