Ayesha Curry Says Life Is 'Beautiful Chaos' After Welcoming Baby No. 3 (Exclusive)

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Ayesha Curry's home life is a "beautiful chaos."

The 29-year-old cookbook author and wife of Steph Curry loves being a mom of three, even if there's a lot more commotion at home. ET's Katie Krause caught up with Curry at the No Kid Hungry event in Los Angeles, where she opened up about welcoming her son, Canon, in July.

"I'm balancing everything. It’s been crazy, but I like to call it beautiful chaos," Curry said. "He’s three and a half almost four months now and he’s thriving. He’s finally getting a little chub on him, so I’m really happy. It’s crazy having a boy though. It’s so different from having my two girls. Totally different vibes in the house. We finally got a little more testosterone."

Curry, who is also mom to daughters Riley, 6, and Ryan, 3, said that her little girls are over the moon about their baby brother.

"Oh, they’re obsessed with him. Obsessed!" she shared. "I was a little nervous because I thought the jealousy would sink in, but they’re little mini mommies. So, it’s perfect."

As far as taking some time for date nights with her NBA star husband, Curry says they definitely make an effort to do so. "That’s how we maintain a good marriage, is making sure that we put the relationship first, because when our relationship is happy and thriving, the kids are too," she said.

Aside from having a healthy marriage and taking care of three gorgeous kids, she also takes the time to give back and support the No Kid Hungry cause.

"I’ve been supporting No Kid Hungry for quite some time now. It all started when I became a mom," Curry explained. "What people don’t realize is that here in the United States, one in six children go hungry, right in our backyards. Nobody actually realizes that. We think it’s in other places in the world, but it’s happening right here in our backyards. And so what No Kid Hungry does is they go into the school systems, they go into the after-school programs and they provide meals for all children in the classrooms. And it really helps to break the stigma, it gets kids fed. And what happens when kids are fed, [they] are healthy and thriving, they have better test scores, and they have a brighter future and a better chance at life."

By being a part of this initiative, she also hopes to teach her children that giving back is important.

"I hope to teach them that it’s a circle of life, and in our own communities, it’s important to lend a helping hand when we can because that’s when change happens," Curry stressed. "When you’re helping your neighbor and your neighbor helps you. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, and so that’s how we create genuine, permanent change."  

See more on the Curry family in the video below.


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