'Bachelor' Alum Becca Tilley Says Colton Underwood Was '1000 Percent' Chosen Because He's a Virgin (Exclusive)

'I would know,' explained Tilley, whose own virginity was a focus on her seasons of 'The Bachelor.'

Becca Tilley thinks she's got this one figured out. 

While chatting with ET's Keltie Knight at the 2018 American Music Awards on Tuesday, the Bachelor alum said that Colton Underwood was chosen by producers to be our next Bachelor because of his virginity. 

"One thousand percent!" she insisted. "He has a storyline, like, built into it. That's all they're going to talk about!"

"I would know," added Tilley, whose virginity was a focus during her appearance when she competed on Chris Soules' and Ben Higgins' seasons of The Bachelor in 2015 and 2016. 

While Tilley and Higgins didn't end up together, they've remained friends and even walked the red carpet together with Bachelor in Paradise alum Dean Unglert. While chatting with ET, Unglert defended his calling Underwood's upcoming Bachelor season a "dumpster fire." 

"Here's the thing, you spend the weekend with Jason [Tartick] and Blake [Horstmann], and you realize how great guys they are," Unglert explained of the other men in consideration for The Bachelor. "It is not hard to be team Jason or Blake, you know what I mean?" 

Higgins was a little more optimistic. "I think we are going to see his whole story play out throughout this show. We are going to see failures, success, and hopefully he's down on one knee, and he's in love," he said. "But with Colton, we are getting the raw view of it, and I think Jason and Blake were kind of prepped to be the Bachelor."

As for his own dating life, Higgins said he and Unglert "are both still learning." "We struggle, and it's bad," he joked. "Don't go on a date with us. It gets awkward, and fast. You don't know what to talk about." 

In all seriousness, the Generous Coffee co-founder said his trouble finding love after ending his engagement to Lauren Bushnell last year "could easily be the type of women that I desire to date, doesn't want to date me." 

"[I need to be] persistent," he agreed. "I don't persist very hard. I walk way quickly, so from here on out, I'm going to be persistent." 

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