'Bachelor in Paradise': Pieper Asks Brendan on a Date as Natasha Fumes in Sneak Peek Clip (Exclusive)

Natasha is left to question Brendan's sincerity in this exclusive clip.

Pieper is here, and she's bringing the drama with her. In an exclusive sneak peek clip of Monday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Pieper arrives, much to Brendan's excitement and Natasha's dismay.

Prior to Pieper stepping onto the beach, rumors swirled about her pre-Paradise involvement with Brendan. While Brendan assured Natasha that things were "casual" with Matt James' ex, the prior woman begins to doubt his sincerity when the latter one arrives.

"I think Brendan's definitely sweating this moment. Pieper arrives and it looks like Natasha's gonna rip his head off," Ivan comments, as Natasha makes her way onto the beach, eliciting a smile from Brendan. 

As Natasha watches Brendan and Pieper hug, she says in a confessional, "Two or three weeks ago there was a big rumor going around that Brendan and Pieper were in a relationship. Brendan and I had a conversation about it. He said that it was casual, and I believed him."

Deandra chimes in next, speculating that Natasha must feel "some type of way" after getting assurance from Brendan that things were not serious with Pieper.

"Building something with Brendan and then watching someone who might potentially have a relationship with Brendan outside of Paradise walk in, I'm sure she was crushed," Deandra says.

Pieper is only focused on Brendan, though. While she reads her date card and earns an eye roll from Natasha, Brendan eagerly waits to see who Pieper will invite on her date.

When she's prompted by the card to "choose someone you feel a spark with," Pieper immediately asks Brendan to join her. "Right off the bat?" he responds with a laugh.

Fans will have to wait until Monday's episode of BiP to see if Brendan takes Pieper up on her offer.

Bachelor in Paradise will air two episodes next week, on Monday, Sept. 6 and Tuesday, Sept. 7, on ABC. Check out all of ET's coverage for the latest drama on the beach.