'Bachelor in Paradise': Does Demi's Love Crisis Open the Door for Derek As Our Next 'Bachelor'?

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The Bachelor franchise's biggest fight just came to a close.

Last Tuesday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise ended on a cliffhanger, with Jordan and Christian battling it out over the latter's attempts to woo Nicole with a piñata. Jordan, who has a history with destroying oversized tokens of affection (remember the teddy bear last summer?), ended up pushing Christian to his limit, and we found out how their fight ended on Monday -- with them both going home. 

"Things got a little physical," Chris Harrison recently confessed while speaking with ET about this season of Paradise. "We want drama, we like the craziness, but there's a line, and anything that gets physical is the line."

"We can't stand for it. We can't have it. Things boiled over one night, and got out of control," he added.

ET was live blogging the whole episode, including the expansion of Blake's tangled web, Dylan's love declaration, JPJ's choking fit, Hannah Brown's surprise appearance and Demi's big decision. (Does this open the door for Derek as Bachelor?)

Scroll down to see how it all played out. 


7:00 PM:

Tuesday's episode will see a "hot new arrival" test Chris Bukowski, Kristina get fiery about Blake, and Derek breaking down in tears. 

Get this man a donut! It'll make everything better. 

Chris Harrison, Please!

6:59 PM:

Demi approaches a producer and asks to see Chris Harrison, and her castmates worry she's leaving the show. 

"What's going on?" he asks her. Cut to the promo!

A Donut for Derek

6:58 PM:

Derek is SO mature, we'd split half a donut with him any day.

Everyone else on the beach is worried about their relationship, but we think he'll be just fine... and maybe be our next Bachelor?


The Girl Back Home

6:57 PM:

Demi tells Derek about how conflicted she's been about her relationship with him and her "girl back home." 

"I really care about you," he tells her. "It's OK to not know how you feel, but I just want to keep showing you who I am." 

"I'm not giving up now. I don't know that fight for you is the right word, but... I want you in my life," Derek says. 

"Me too," Demi says, leaning in for a kiss. 

Breaking Down

6:48 PM:

Demi breaks down talking to Hannah about how she discussed her sexuality with her parents. 

"I'm really proud of you," Hannah tells her. 

Demi realizes she needs to tell Derek more about her relationship with Kristian and the feelings she still has for her. 

"Derek, can we talk?" she says. 

A Dig at Luke P

6:46 PM:

Hannah makes a dig at Luke P and men who aren't able to handle women with feelings for other people. 

"They're both so good for me," Demi says of Derek and Kristian. 

"I want you to be happy," Hannah says. 

Hannah B!

6:44 PM:

Hannah Brown walks in, and the group doesn't know how to react. 

"Is Hannah trying to go on a date with one of us?" Dean wonders. Life would probably be better for her if she did! 

Surprise, she's here to talk to Demi. "I had a conversation with Demi before she left to go to Paradise, and she let me know about her relationship with Kristian... I wanna see where her head is at with everything and ultimately make sure my friend's OK," Hannah says. 


6:42 PM:

Demi confesses to Hannah that she's feeling really emotional and vulnerable. "Sometimes I want to make out with him, and sometimes I don't want him to touch me," she reveals. 

"I don't have Kristian around me, so I don't know how I would be feeling if it was just me and her," Demi tells the camera. "One of my options is not here, so that is where it gets a little difficult for me." 


6:38 PM:

As JPJ and Tayshia hit it off, Demi reveals that she feels like a "horrible person" over her conflicted feels for Derek and a woman back home. 

"One of them deserves to have all of me," she shares. 

Tayshia Paul Jones

6:37 PM:

JPJ sweeps Tayshia off her feet, and says he's falling in love with her. They jump in the pool, and he's ready for "Tayshia Paul Jones." 

No, wait, now he's choking on water. 

"I don't know what just happened," Tayshia confesses. 

Sweet Nothings, JPJ-Style

6:34 PM:

JPJ can't stop gushing about how hot Tayshia is, and we don't blame him. He tells her his plan was to get married right after college. 

"I just couldn't see her being the mother of my children," he says of his ex-girlfriend. "Anyway..." 

Tayshia stops him in his tracks, and JPJ reveals he actually is ready to settle down. "As fun and silly as John Paul Jones may seem, he's extremely intelligent," she says. 

"I'm not just some nervous kid that wets his pants every time he talks to some super beautiful [woman]," he whispers to Tayshia. 

Sweet nothings!

He scolds Tayshia for "avoiding" him, and she notes he takes 12 naps a day. "OK," he accepts. 


6:31 PM:

Chris remembers that time we walked through a bonfire and hit rock bottom. "Now, I feel like I'm in a better place," he says. Yeah, because you're not stepping on flames, dude! 

He's also connecting with Katie. "I don't think I would be here if you weren't here," he tells her. 

Unlikely couple, but we're not opposed. We LOVE her and just want her to be happy. Sparks are flying.

Dylan, the Aztec Warrior

6:27 PM:

Aztec warriors emerge, and Dylan compares their fighting skills to how he's fought for Hannah. Are you reaching there? A little? 

Anyway, they kiss and enjoy the rest of their date. Commercial break. 

Moving Fast

6:23 PM:

Hannah loves how much Dylan fought for her. "It definitely hasn't been easy," Dylan says, revealing that three years ago, his dad was diagnosed with cancer, but his family relied on his mom. He looked at that strength as an example of what he wants. 

"I'm starting to fall in love with you," he says. Again, hasn't it been like, four days?!?

"I am all in," Hannah says, HOURS after being conflicted about pursuing Blake. 

Jesus Date

6:21 PM:

Dylan and Hannah walk into their dinner date, where they walk on water like Jesus. 

She praises how understanding and supportive Dylan has been, and wants to take advantage of the privacy they have tonight. 

"The past couple of weeks, I know I've been indecisive," Hannah says. Hasn't it been like, four days?!?!

"It's been a little bit of a rocky road," she continues. "Throughout all this chaos, you've made me feel so special." 


6:19 PM:

Blake says it's going to be hard for a couple days to see Hannah's relationship blossom with Dylan. "He does seem to be a little insecure in their relationship," he says, calling Dylan "clingy." 

Better clingy than f**king everyone on the beach, Blake! 

Date Card

6:14 PM:

A date card gets delivered back at the beach. (At like, midnight? Why is it so dark? Where are you going at this hour?)

Dylan gets the date card and asks Hannah out. Blake is back to being sad. He's hugging a tree, because that's the only thing that'll let him near it (besides Caitlin, we guess). 

Blake Is Ready to Forgive... Himself

6:13 PM:

Caitlin tells Blake that "everyone" goes through what he did. REALLY? 

They're now in a pool and making out, and we've lost count of how many women Blake has been with. He's ready to forgive himself, and that came fast. 

Out-Deaning Dean

6:11 PM:

"Blake has out-Deaned Dean," Dean observes back at the beach. "I appreciate it." 

At his date, Blake opens up to Caitlin about his current tangled web. He discusses his hookups with Kristina, hookup with Caelynn, chats with Hannah, date with Tayshia, pursuit of Hannah again and how she gave her rose to someone else. 

"How many rose ceremonies?" Caitlin asks. 

"Just two," Blake says. "So, that's been quite the conversation down in Paradise... I've had some really down moments." 

Getting Close

6:06 PM:

"I know it's not going to work out," Dean jokes as Blake heads out with Caitlin. He doesn't look much better. 

"I'm still really, really, really into Hannah," he reveals. OK. That's why. 

Blake and Caitlin meet up with Salvador and Alicia for a lesson in tantra yoga. "Your partner becomes a goddess," Salvador reveals. 

Blake is trying to keep an open mind on this very normal date, but it's not going well. "I'd like to think I'm a good guy, and I'm a catch," he says. 

He and Caitlin get close and breathe in each other's faces. 


6:02 PM:

Dean suggests Caitlin talk to her girls. Instead, she talks to JPJ. "Tayshia and I had a great evening last night," he professes. 

Derek tells her he's been spending time with Demi, and Caitlin is already feeling the pressure. "I'm sure Blake was probably DMing Caitlin before the show. Hopefully she didn't go to Stagecoach," Dylan says. 

ANNNNND they met at Stagecoach, but "nothing happened," Blake insists. Don't believe you. 

A Turd and a Warm Welcome

6:00 PM:

"He's like the turd that won't flush," Demi says of Blake, advising he start a new life. "You done f**ked up, Blake!" 

Blake is a deflated pool floatie personified. Lookin' weird, dude! 

There's a new arrival, Caitlin, and she seemingly has no idea about his shenanigans, so maybe that will perk him up. Chris, however, predicts she'll be starting some drama. 

Caitlin reads her date card and pulls Dean away for a chat. Caelynn (not to be confused with Caitlin, whose name is very similar) is worried. 


Is Derek Brazilian? Pls Help!

5:58 PM:

Is Derek Brazilian or was that a joke he just made to Demi? Honest question -- pls tweet Lauren Zima the answer if you know it. 


No Me Importa

5:56 PM:

Katie hugs JPJ and he is shocked. 

"I just wanted to hug you," she assures him after he questions the affection. 

Blake is sulking, and we don't care. 

"He's had sexual relations with a lot of the women here already," JPJ observes. "He's kind of exhausted his options." 

Caitlin, Caelynn, Hannah and Hannah

5:53 PM:

Coming up, a Caitlin is on her way to the beach, and sorry girl, but either you or Caelynn has to go, because we can't do this for much longer. 

Plus, Hannah Brown is on her way, because we only have one Hannah this season! Why not another?

Wise Words

5:49 PM:

Cam, Kevin and Wills are out. 

Cam says he came here for  "pure" experience and we're disturbed by his choice of words. Can you pick another one, please? 

"He's probably had sex with every single one of them," Kevin says of Blake and the girls on the beach. Ouch! 

Kristina gives a toast to making the right decisions, and Wills says she's "looking in the past when she could live in the future." Wise words, brah! 

Pulling Tricks

5:48 PM:

Kristina still has to give out her rose, and despite Dylan's hopes that Blake'll be sent back to his dairy farm in Denver, Kristina calls his name. 

"I know you have not had an ideal time here in Paradise. But I also know you're a good person," she says. WHO PAID HER TO DO THIS? 

Kristina -- pulling tricks in Paradise!

The Blake Show Is Over

5:46 PM:

Blake looks weird. Did he just emerge from the sea? Why is he looking like that? 

His deflated look matches what just happened, because Hannah gives Dylan her rose. EVERYONE IS SMILING. We're not, because we're over this mess. 

The Anticipation!!!!!

5:42 PM:

It's time for Hannah to give out her rose, and there's so much anticipation that we're tossed to a commercial break!

Jones-ing for a Rose

5:41 PM:

Demi and Derek, Katie and Chris, Caelynn and Dean and Nicole and Clay are solid couples. 

JPJ says Tayshia is "the hottest girl I've ever talked to," and he's Jones-ing for her rose. GET IT? "Not only do you have amazing hair, look hot in a Speedo, but..." We forgot the rest of what Tayshia says because we agreed with those first two points. He gets her rose. 

Sydney gives her rose to Mike. 

If the Roles Were Reversed

5:38 PM:

Onyeka reveals in the car ride home that she just didn't feel her person was coming. 

"So, now there are eight women, which means, unfortunately guys, one less rose. So, now three of you will be leaving Paradise tonight," Chris says. 

Cam says he would have given his rose to Onyeka if the roles were reversed, and he's not happy. 

Onyeka's Out!

5:35 PM:

Blake is feeling "confident" at the rose ceremony. "It's good to see some serious relationships taking form here," Chris Harrison observes. 

Onyeka interrupts Chris to say that she came in with high expectations but she's been unhappy lately. "I can't give out a rose to anyone tonight. And I'm really sorry," she reveals. Girl, why not just give your rose out and then leave? 

She says her goodbyes and heads out. "Bye Onyeka!" JPJ yells out. 


5:31 PM:

Hannah is full on straddling Blake in a hug in front of Dylan. 

"She knows exactly what she's doing. She's feeding each of them what they need to hear in order to keep them fighting... that's not OK," Tayshia says. 

Dylan breaks down. "To have to go through this is crazy!" he says. We agree, bro! "If she sends me home, I'm going to be heartbroken!" 

You Know Better!

5:30 PM:

Blake, meanwhile, tries to remind Hannah why she has a crush on him, by bringing out a mariachi band. 

"Oh my god," Dylan groans. SAME! 

Blake is back with his dance moves and we're just waiting for this to be over. 

"I just don't like it when she does it in my face," Dylan remarks. 

"Like, no," Mike says. "You better than that. You know better." Preach!

Gross Charcuterie

5:28 PM:

Dylan pulls Hannah aside for some gummy worms, and now we want some. There's an atrocious-looking charcuterie to go with it, but we'll forgive him. 

"I will be there for you when you figure it out," he tells her. "I know we can be good. Like, we can leave this together." 

Hannah laughs, but leans in for a kiss. Plz let this be over. 


5:25 PM:

Everyone else, meanwhile, is OVER Hannah's love triangle. SO ARE WE!!!!!!

"She's not innocent in any of this. We all know about Blake going to Alabama and trying to pursue her before even coming to the beach," Sydney says. 

Kristina hopes Hannah makes her decision between Blake and Dylan before the rose ceremony... but we're sensing some drama as Dylan approaches her at the bar with Blake. 


5:23 PM:

The guys still have to scramble to find out where their rose is coming from. 

"The ladies have the roses tonight," Onyeka teases. She's attracted to Wills, Kevin and Big Mike -- but says she won't be giving her rose to Cam. 

Cam pulls her aside and tells her Mike's not attracted to her. "I just feel like I've been passed by by every person here," she confesses. "Anyone here that's interested in me, please let me know." 

Onyeka cries to Caelynn about the same girls going on the same dates. "I wish someone would make me feel that special," she says. 

Falling for Clay

5:17 PM:

Clay comforts Nicole after her drama-filled night. "You look like a better version of Jennifer Lopez," he says. WHAT? ACTUALLY, WHAT? 

"Honestly, I just feel like already, I could always rely on you," Nicole tells him. 

"I wanna see where this goes, I really do," Clay replies. 

"Clay is so comforting, and tonight made me realize how much I really care for him," Nicole tells the camera. 

Picking Back Up

5:14 PM:

"Are we having another shut down in Paradise?" Kristina wonders. 

Chris tells the cast that their safety comes first, and because of their zero tolerance policy on violence, Jordan and Christian had to go. "We're not laying blame at anyone's feet here," he explains. 

Nicole feels terrible that both men were sent home "because of me." They fought over a pinata, Nicole! 

"I apologize for the interruption... Let's pick right back up where we were," Chris says. 

Bye, Christian

5:13 PM:

Christian is also told that he's got to go, and he accepts (as he's treated by a medic). 

He gets his shoulder unwrapped and gets shuttled out the door. 

Jordan's Got to Leave

5:11 PM:

The cast is explaining what happened to each other, and we would HATE to be one of the three people who didn't see it go down. 

Jordan apologizes to the crew, explaining that he didn't intend to fight Christian. He's informed that he has to leave the show. "I understand," he says. 

'Paradise' Canceled?

5:07 PM:

Chris Harrison arrives to defuse the situation. 

"We still haven't had a rose ceremony," Mike observes. 

"We don't know what's going on," Blake confesses, speculating that Paradise might be canceled. 

Nicole Doesn't Cry

5:07 PM:

Security gets the guys under control and Nicole is trying to grapple with what just happened in front of her. 

"I want to cry," she says -- but surprisingly doesn't. REALLY? THIS GIRL DOESN'T CRY NOW? 

"Seeing two men fighting each other... I just got scared. I don't want anyone to get hurt," she tells the camera. 


5:03 PM:

Jordan knows how to throw down! Did anyone else see that body slam, because Luke Parker definitely has nothing on that sh*t. 

Christian manages to escape security several times, charging at Jordan while everyone else looks on in shock. 


5:02 PM:

It's opening credits time, and we don't know what the deal is with Dean's intro. That is all. 

A Lot Going On

5:00 PM:

We've got a lot going on this week -- a new arrival, Hannah Brown, and Blake maybe still up to his "player" ways. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here


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