'Bachelor in Paradise': Jordan and Christian Fight It Out in Physical Confrontation Over Piñata

The plot thickens.

The plot thickens! 

Monday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise saw Blake struggle to regain his footing (Get it? Because he actually hurt himself on a rock!) after blowing up the beach with his Stagecoach drama. While pretty much no other woman wanted anything to do with him, Hannah G. gave him a shot -- only to have their beachside dance session interrupted by a fuming Dylan, who remarked at how "disrespectful" it was for Hannah to keep stringing him along. 

The other ladies called Hannah a "player," and Dylan wondered if her behavior was because of a previous relationship with Blake. Cut to the promo, and it turns out Blake paid Hannah a visit in Alabama after Stagecoach and before Paradise.

Tuesday's episode was quite a ride, as Tayshia "attacked" Hannah over Blake's pre-Paradise visit, Nicole went on yet another date, and Jordan got into a physical fight with another man over piñata. Yup. 

ET was live blogging along the way -- check out everything that went down below. 

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