'Bachelor in Paradise' Stars React to First Season Without Chris Harrison (Exclusive)

Tammy Ly, Jessenia Cruz and more 'BIP' stars are weighing in on the host change up.

Bachelor in Paradise's first season without Chris Harrison is just days away from airing. ET's Denny Directo spoke to several BIP cast members at the show's seventh season premiere in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday, and they revealed how it felt to film the Mexico-set series without the franchise's longtime host.

"Honestly I forgot he even existed," Tammy Ly told ET of Harrison, who permanently exited the franchise in June amid his racism controversy, for which he has apologized.

In lieu of Chris, Wells Adams, who previously served as the Paradise bartender, is set to take on an expanded role, serving as the Master of Cocktails and Ceremonies. Additionally, the season will feature celebrity guest hosts, including Lance BassLil JonTituss Burgess and David Spade.

"The hosts were so amazing it made it such a great experience," Tammy, who originally appeared on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, said. "I'm telling you right now this season is the most monumental season they ever released."

Jessenia Cruz, from Matt James' season of The Bachelor, noted that no one in the cast "knew what to expect" when they arrived in Mexico to film, as the situation with Chris was still unfolding.

"I think that added to the excitement, too," Jessenia said. "... David Spade is going to be hosting along with a bunch of other amazing people, so we were really pumped to meet them."

Katie Thurston's ex, Connor Brennan, admitted that it was "pretty amazing to meet David Spade."

"He was the voice of the llama in my favorite film, The Emperor's New Groove, so pretty cool to meet my icon," Connor said, adding that it was a "big moment for me, absolutely."

It's not just David that contestants were excited to meet, Aaron Clancy pointed to Lil Jon as one of his favorite guest hosts.

"I loved it. I couldn't of thought of a better person to crash the party," Aaron, who appeared on Katie's season, said. "Took a tequila shot with the guy, highlight of my life."

"Literally, literally," Tre Cooper, Katie's fellow ex, agreed. "I would've never thought that I would meet one of them, let alone all of them. So it was nuts."

Wells agreed that the addition of the celebrities was a "fun" one.

"I mean, David Spade. I am just a huge fan of all of his work, so I quoted a lot of his movies to him incorrectly," Wells said. "... All of the guest celebrity hosts were amazing. Titus was hilarious. He wouldn't stop singing, instead of talking, he sings. He has so much freaking energy. I love having that guy around. Obviously Lance is amazing."

As for Wells' expanded role, Jessenia gushed that Sarah Hyland's fiancé "makes the best margaritas."

Victoria Larson, better known as Queen Victoria, agreed about Wells' success, telling ET that he did "an amazing job," though she may give him a run for his money next season.

"I think that Wells should be the host next year and I'll be the bartender," Victoria, who appeared on Matt's season, said.

Wells told ET that he was down for Victoria's idea with her as bartender and him as host, as he was happy with the promotion he landed this time around.

"It was so much fun. I mean, I am always awake when rose ceremonies are happening. They are at night and I am bartending for everybody, so I am always in the wings just watching, like, 'Oh, who is going to get a rose?'" Wells said. "Now I get to be on screen and be like, 'Oh, who is going to get a rose?'"

Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise will premiere Monday, Aug. 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.



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